Why is Keyword Research Important for Your Car Dealer Website

25 October 2017

For a car dealer website, organic traffic is the best traffic. Both keywords and keyword research are highly important when it comes to driving more web traffic to your website, without spending extra dollars on advertising. These keywords also help in better ranking of your website.

Keyword research involves the researching, comparing, and finalizing on words and phrases that are searched the most by prospective customers, when they go online to find cars and dealers. If you research and incorporate these keywords relevant to your car dealership, then your car dealer website will show up higher when prospective customers search for you.

Targeted keywords not only help with increasing the web traffic to your car dealer website, it targets the right traffic too – prospects who are likely to buy a vehicle or have a vehicle that needs to be serviced. On the other hand, inappropriate keywords may bring some visitors to your website but they are unlikely to convert into paying customers. This is why the right keyword research plays a vital role in successful internet promotion and marketing.

Here are certain suggestions to consider during your keyword research.

Keyword Research Suggestion 1: Prepare a Primary List of Keywords

Start thinking from your car-buyers’ perspective and prepare a list of keywords for your targeted audience. The list should contain keywords and phrases related to the cars and services offered by your car dealership.

You can start your research by simply typing in a few guesses and looking at how Google autofills suggestions based on the highest ranking searches.

Keyword Research Suggestion 2: Short-list Primary List with Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools like Google Adwords keyword planner and Bing’s keyword research tool help in short-listing and refining your keywords list.

These tools will also help in suggesting better keyword phrases that frequently figure in web searches related to auto retail.

Keyword Research Suggestion 3: Beware of Broad Keywords

Broad keywords have a lot of competition during searches. And, it’s also challenging to rank and attract the right audience to your car dealership.

Initially, you can start with local keyword research specific to your city for improved targeted results. For instance, ‘California Honda Car Dealerships’ or ‘Honda Car Dealerships in California’ gets more targeted visitors to your website and improves sales.

Keyword Research Suggestion 4: Do Keyword Research Specific to Your Services

Category-specific keyword research helps in classifying your brand under particular categories, attracting targeted leads. With insightful lead nurturing, these leads are quite likely to become your customers.

This type of keyword research is challenging but the results are real.

Keyword Research Suggestion 5: Make Use of Long-tail Keywords

Whenever keyword research is carried out, consider long-tail keywords for attracting targeted leads. These keywords have specific intent, less competition, and are easy to rank. For instance, for ‘Honda Car Dealerships in California,’ ‘The five best Honda Car Dealerships in California’ can be the long-tail keyword.

To improve your dealerships’ search engine result page (SERP) ranking, make use of these long-tail keywords in your car dealer website content.

For more information on the importance of keyword research in improving your car dealer website ranking, Contact Us.

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