6 Best Ways for Car Dealerships to Impress their Online Prospects

12 October 2017

In car dealerships, happy prospects always lead to improved sales. But how do you impress prospects within the tiny window of opportunity before they choose a dealer? 
Here are some proven ways to impress your prospective car buyers.
01. Impress with Higher Ratings 
Get your existing customers to rate and review you online for your services, including the last car sale, F and I, periodic car services, special offers, and more. Publish fresh reviews every single day, both on your website and social pages, including Facebook and Twitter. 
Most of your prospective car buyers will check your ratings online before they make up their minds, and positive ratings will impress and influence most of them. 
02. Respond in Near Real-time
Most of your prospects won’t like to wait, once they are ready to buy. That’s why it is important to respond instantaneously at every stage of the sales funnel. 
Encourage communication through social media. Prospects on Social media who receive a highly satisfactory response is likely to post or tweet about it.
03. Always be Polite in Digital Interactions
Sales and marketing professionals at car dealerships are trained to be polite in face-to-face interactions, but what about digital interactions? 
Dealership employees need to be more careful in framing their digital interactions, since they are talking on the fly to a prospect, with no visual clue. A seemingly causal interaction with professional attention-to-detail will go a long way in making your prospects feel at ease.
04. Transparency is Important
Car dealerships virtually run on customer goodwill. Never jeopardize it for short-term gains, especially when it comes to setting right an inadvertent mistake from your part. 
With social sharing, one single slip can travel far and wide. Always be transparent with customers and prospects. Instead of wishing away issues which may have a negative implication for your dealership, prioritize them. 
05. Always be Accessible
Be easily approachable and accessible to solve customer concerns, small or big. Always provide convincing support, even if the issues are trivial. Remember, your competition is just one click away, on your customers’ mobiles. 
An unconvincing solution often leads to bad word of mouth, and the impact can be quite severe.
06. Offer Personalized Rewards
Make your customers feel special by offering them personalized rewards. You can segment customers based on their lifetime value to your dealership, and offer them carefully selected loyalty rewards. 
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