Buyerater: Authenticated Positive Customer Reviews

Create a Review Machine That Generates Traffic &
Leads for Your Dealership
Buyerater delivers authentic, trusted reviews and testimonials by Geo-locating the reviews, and including a picture or video of the buyer in the dealership at the time of purchase.
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Why Buyerater?
Positive customer reviews are the #1 source of high quality leads. In fact, over 90% of your prospects look up reviews before they contact the dealership.

With Buyerater, you can build your reputation with positive reviews on your own website, and share them on social media, with just a few clicks on the mobile app.

The Buyerater app enables dealers to receive reviews right at the point-of-sale, precisely when customers are the happiest.

A steady inflow of authentic customer reviews will naturally push fake and malicious reviews out of sight in Google searches.



Get your review engine up and running in Minutes

Buyerater is easy to set up and use. The app can be up and running at the dealership in minutes.
With the Buyerater Mobile App, every sales and service person at the dealership can capture reviews from happy customers several times a day.


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