How to Get More Social Media Followers for Your Car Dealership: 9 Tips

17 October 2017


While prospective car buyers spend as little as 3 hours in a dealership to buy their next vehicle, they are likely to spend ten times more time on social media, researching vehicles and dealerships, which is why social media is a vital part of any car dealer’s marketing toolkit. Your social media followers is a vital measure of your car dealership’s marketing reach and efficacy. There is a direct relationship between your social media followers and your influence rate.

So, how many followers does your car dealership’s social media page have? Here are some proven tips to get more followers.

Social Media Tip 1: Be a Follower Yourself

Firstly, you need to be a good follower yourself. By just following anyone doesn’t help, instead, it is best to follow influencers both in auto retail and your locality. To find out whom to follow, you can check your Twitter lists, use Google search, follow your influencers’ follow list, and join groups and communities.

Social Media Tip 2: Share Content Often

For audiences to follow you, always have a complete profile, content to share, and feedback. If your posts offer real value to prospective car buyers or car owners looking for a convenient service slot, then they are most likely to like and follow you.

Social Media Tip 3: Make use of Daily Trends

Many social media users follow trends. You are likely to get more views if you research trending topics and shape your social posts around them. This will increase shares and reshares, and in turn, you will get more followers.

Social Media Tip 4: Hashtags for Your Posts

Using the right hashtags on relevant social platforms like Twitter and Instagram will help gain new followers. Do your research, search for new hashtags, and use them in your posts. There are tools like Ritetag and Hashtagify to search for relevant hashtags for your dealership.

Social Media Tip 5: Keep Your Audience Engaged

Use great images and videos in your content. Up to 94% of your prospective customers are on social platforms like Facebook, and they like to share what they plan to buy. Images make it easier for them to share, and in turn this gets you still more followers.

Videos are even better than images, Auto retail is one area where youtube videos deliver spectacular results, with up to 26 percent of all car buyers reporting that they made up their minds after seeing a youtube video.

Social Media Tip 6: Post Frequently at the Best Time

Post content frequently at the right time. For example, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays deliver better results on Facebook, with the best time to post being 9am, 1pm, and 3pm.

Make use of tools like Hootsuite that will suggest the right time and day for your posts. It is also advisable to experiment manually by posting at different time-slots throughout the day.

Social Media Tip 7: Showcase Your Authoritativeness

Prospects on social media like to follow accounts that are authoritative. Instead of being humble on your profile page, show them the best of your car dealership and bring out the difference they can expect.

This will help build the reputation of your car dealership and will get you more followers.

Social Media Tip 8: Try Partnership Campaigns

Ever tried partnering with non-competing players in auto-retail?

This is an easy and powerful way to target prospects, and it’s a win-win deal for both.

Social Media Tip 9: Sometimes, Go Off-road

Attend a few conferences and automotive events, Give interviews on podcasts or video shows. Try guest posting in popular blogs. If you look different, then you stand out on social media, with all the resulting advantages.

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