4 Types of Car Dealer Website Landing Pages That Definitely Increase Leads

13 October 2017


Ward off the wrong notion of making the home page of your car dealer website a landing page for marketing campaigns. It is a fact that your homepage is often the most-visited page on your car dealer website, but they are not optimized to work well as campaign landing pages.

Dedicated landing pages are critical for car dealer digital marketing campaigns. You get just one chance to create a great first impression and drive visitors to sending leads before they have second thoughts.

Why not do it the right way? Here are some killer landing page ideas that deliver more leads.

Type 1: Short-form Landing Page

Most of the marketing campaigns provide great results with short-form landing pages with little textual content and only a couple of form fields to fill.

For instance, if your car dealership is offering a test drive, then collect just the Name, Contact number, and Email id.

Type 2: Flat Design Landing Page

Flat design or minimalist landing pages are the present rage with auto dealers.

It usually consists of large white space, bright colors, pictures, and minimum text. This type of landing page is simple, clear, and not salesy, unlike old-school landing pages filled with a lot of text and in-depth information about the car.

Type 3: Video Landing Page

Conversions increase drastically when a good video is incorporated into a car dealer website landing page. Visitors stay on the landing page twice as long, compared with conventional graphic and text landing pages.

Video landing pages work even better if a clear call-to-action to fill in the form is added in the video itself.

Type 4: Product Landing Page

Product landing pages need impressive design and attention to detail. There is virtually a sales funnel on a page, with a great lead-in line which draws in prospective customers, explains the vehicle in great detail with excellent pictures, videos, and copy, and finally invokes prospects to take an action, such as scheduling a test drive.

Product landing pages are long duration pages which stay on for an entire model year or more. They should be tested with different configurations to see which mix converts best.

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