Why Chatbots Should Be Part of Your Car Dealership’s Social Media Strategy

24 October 2017

Chatbots are automated chat systems that respond to chats without human assistance. The interaction is like Q&As rather than clicking a series of navigation buttons.

With the mainstream use of social media for marketing and sales, it’s essential for auto dealers to engage meaningfully with their customers. Prospective customers usually prefer chat and messages to immediately get in touch with your car dealership.

If your digital marketing department is struggling to promptly repond to customers’ messages and queries while posting content, and promoting sales all at once, then Chatbots are the best solution.

Here are the five reasons why your social media marketing need Chatbots.

Reason 1: Make Best use of new Trends

Keep your auto dealership at the frontier of emerging communications, with new tools like Chatbots, if not, you are losing out on potential customers. Introducing Chatbots in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc. result in improved sales.

These bots help in solving car-buyers’ concerns from the start of the buying cycle.

Reason 2: Gathering Information is Quick

Chatbots have the capability to record your prior searches on social media, discover and then present useful content to prospective customers. Only a single text or voice is sufficient for the Chatbots to start their work.

Reason 3: 24/7 Social Media Conversation

It is challenging for your dealership to find out exactly when prospective customers need your assistance. With Chatbots, you can manage customer queries seamlessly and provide the best customer service as these bots respond immediately to customer requests.

Reason 4: Ready-made Purchase Decisions

The biggest fear of car-buyers before making the final buying decision is the need to search for the perfect car that suits their requirements. With Chatbots, this process becomes easy, with tailored buying suggestions available to your customers.

Reason 5: Increase Content Conversions

Chatbots can also be used in content marketing strategies to drive increased leads. It’s proven that these bots have increased conversion rates by up to 265%.

The reason why they work well is that most people don’t want to be too formal with a simple question. Instead, they prefer to chat or message.

Also, in your email marketing strategy, you can introduce the Facebook messenger button rather than an email option, and send required information through chat.

For more reasons why Chatbots should be a part of your car dealership’s social media strategy, Contact Us.

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