Video Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships

17 August 2017

On Facebook alone, people spend more than 100 million hours watching videos every single day.

Videos are now one of the most powerful marketing media of any car dealership. Your website visitors prefer videos over a page of text, especially when shopping for cars. Your dealership videos should engage, inspire, and nudge prospective customers to buy their dream car from your dealership.
The ‘How to’ and test drive videos work well in improving your SEO and building your brand.  

Why you needs videos on your car dealer website

Here are a few ways videos help boost your auto dealership.

  • Improve your dealership visibility and get a wider reach: by designing videos with long-tail and model-specific keywords
  • Build brand awareness: by creating possitive impressions about your brand and customer service
  • Reduce bounce rates: by keeping your viewers engaged and making them stay on your website
  • Increase SEO authority: by incorporating the right keywords in the narrative as well as description
  • Get Good social media growth: by improving views, shares, and likes.
  • Improve leads and conversions: by engaging with more consumers, you’ll get more leads, conversions, and sales

Every video, if designed, optimized, and marketed well, will improve your overall car sales.

Video Marketing Tips

Here are a few simple yet effective video marketing tips to drive traffic to your car dealership.

  • Shorter the video, better the result: The video should grab the attention of viewers within 5 seconds. Limit your videos to a maximum of 60 seconds. If they’re too long, you will be losing out on potential customers.
  • Don’t miss the call-to-action button: After you have their attention, make sure to invite the viewer to take an action, with a call-to-action button. Examples are: ‘tag a friend’, ‘watch the next video’, or ‘take a test drive, now!’, etc.
  • Share already existing videos: If you are short on time, it’s sometimes better to share someone else’s videos. But, an original video should always be your first choice.

For more insights on video marketing for your car dealership, Contact Us.

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