Ten Best Ways to Use Digital Marketing and Sell More Cars

23 August 2017


With increasing competition in the automotive industry, it is a challenge to sell more cars with the business-as-usual marketing plans. Why not try a digital-centric marketing game plan instead?

Here are the 10 best ways to use digital marketing in your dealership.

01. Make use of OEM Promotional Material

Don’t forget to make use of the digital promotional material which is provided by the brand itself.  Your OEM marketing login comes with a lot of content that can be used while personalizing your car dealer website. 

02. Digital Marketing Head

Initially, a designated person should be responsible for the digital marketing activities of your dealership. One person in charge is better as ‘too many cooks spoil the broth.’ Later, this person can train your sales staff to use digital marketing tools. 

03. Personalization

Build a personal relationship with your customers and treat them as people rather than as a part of a generic car-buying population. 

Unlike newsletters, digital marketing should be personalized. The content should be created for customers of a specific geography, demography, and stage of the buying process. 

04. Website Content

The majority of car buyers research online well before visiting a dealership. Always ensure that you have fresh and relevant website content. Don’t forget that your car dealer website is the frontline spokesperson of the dealership. Provide the best first impression you can. 

05. Mobile-friendly website

Up to 94% of your online visitors now access your website on their mobiles. The same goes for your promotional email as well. Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly, so that it works well either on a laptop, tablet or mobile. 

06. Content Diversification

Most website visitors decide to either stay on your website or leave in about 5 to 15 seconds. Make use of engaging graphics or video to convey your value proposition inside that super-short window.

Instead of plain text and pictures, try innovative and easy-to-grasp infographics to draw your audience. Use video to capture and post memorable customer testimonials.

Content diversity is the ultimate weapon to kill monotony, and a happening car dealer website always draws more and more prospects.

07. Live Chat

To answer simple queries instantly, live website chat comes in handy. If you notice repeat visitors chatting frequently, send them exclusive test drive coupons. 

However, the live chat feature can be quite frustrating if your team is not equipped with a FAQs sheet. Find out the 100 or so commonly asked questions, and be ready with your answers before chatting with a prospect.

08. Email Marketing

No, email marketing is certainly not dead. Many successful car dealerships, e-commerce, and other businesses use email marketing quite productively.

However, email works differently now. Frequent spam is out of question. Draft your promotional email carefully and don’t forget to include a sensible offer or giveaway.

09. Social Media Marketing

A digital marketing strategy for a car dealership is not complete without a social media strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. are hugely popular and about 70% of your buyers will be on one or more of these social platforms. 

Create interesting social content that can be shared, pinned, and posted on these platforms to bring more leads to your auto dealership website.

10. Targeting & Retargeting

Target and re-target your audience based on their needs, priorities, and interests by asking them a few simple questions. Later, you can follow-up with customized and targeted email and social promos. 

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