Car Dealer Marketing: 7 Instagram Hacks that Deliver Amazing Results

10 August 2017


When it comes to car dealer marketing, mobile driven social interactions result in not just leads, but actual footfalls to the dealership showroom. With over 95 million images and video shared every single day, Instagram is a great social platform to target your prospects on social media.

Here are 7 Instagram hacks that deliver amazing results.

Instagram Marketing Tip 1: Combine Photos and Videos

Considering that a video will generate 3 times more inbound links than textual information, adding videos in addition to images is a sure-fire Instagram hack that delivers great results. Video brings your visual story-telling to life and enhances the visual experience of your prospects.

Look for fun videos to share, or capture lively moments from your own dealership.

Instagram Marketing Tip 2: Look for share-worthy graphics

Don’t post a graphic on Instagram if it is not share-worthy. Design your graphics like banners, and make your audience share them. Add captions, offers, and more. 

Instagram Marketing Tip 3: Add a CTA to your Bio

Always add a clickable URL to your bio, leading to your website. Your special offers page would make sense, if your instagram marketing is primarily car driven. Conversely, if your Instagram is community driven, then the events page may make a better landing page for your CTA.

Instagram Marketing Tip 4: Always use hashtags

Not all of your prospects are on instagram. Use instagram hashtags to let people who are not following you know of that hot new release, or steal offer. Using popular hashtags like #wisdomwednesday or #BTS to share funny behind-the-scenes moments are also popular hacks.

Instagram Marketing Tip 5: Reach Out to Prospects

Liking your prospects’ images and leave warm comments as well is a sure-fire way to get them to visit your own instagram.

Ever tried selfie contests? Request every prospect who test-drives a car for a selfie, and announce an interesting prize for the selfie of the month.

Don’t forget to reward your followers. Discount codes for vehicle service may be a win-win idea which helps both the dealership and instagram followers. 

Instagram Marketing Tip 6: Post when it matters

Always post your images and video when it really matters. Don’t forget to post on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and schedule your posts to go out between 5-9pm.

Instagram Marketing Tip 7: Look for influencers

Look for local instagram influencers in your ambit and help them help you. Align with the right community influencers in your area and you will never have to look back.

For more information on Instagram marketing for your dealership, click here.


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