Content Marketing Tips and Tricks for your Car Dealership

22 August 2017


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is creating and marketing useful content to a targeted audience, in order to build your brand loyalty and improve sales. Through quality content, the search visibility of your auto dealership website will improve dramatically, leading to more visits and leads. 

Why Content Marketing?

Why do car dealerships need content marketing? Here are a few pointers.

  • It is the most cost-effective way to bring in tons of web traffic to your car dealer website
  • It builds a strong relationship with your potential customers
  • It brings in more leads, builds trust, and takes your web visibility above your competition
  • It offers measurable returns on investment (ROI).

Content Marketing Ideas

Prospective car buyers start their journey with dreams and apprehensions. One of the main content marketing strategies is to provide solutions to address their apprehensions. This will help you gain their trust. They will then look at your dealership favorably, and will also spread the word.

Check out a few content marketing ideas for your auto dealership.

Create Useful Content That Connects With Your Local Audience

For car dealers, creating content for the local audience is important. 

Understand your local audience well. Know their pain points, and address them through your content to connect better. Here are a few popular content topics.

  • Tips on vehicle maintenance  
  • Recommendation of cars and top-five lists
  • Tips on car buying
  • Latest auto news
  • Safety and fuel economy tips while driving
  • Pre-owned best buys

Optimize Your Dealership Website with Better UX

The better the website speed, the better will be the user experience. This translates to better customer response. The page loading time of your car dealer website should be less than 3 seconds; if not, you will be losing potential customers. Also, page loading time is one of the key factors for better Google ranking. 

With the wide use of mobiles for browsing online, a responsive auto dealer website is now a basic necessity. This also adds for a better user experience. 

Improve Your SEO Ranking

Car buyers, use search online for information and reviews before they even decide which car to buy. This makes it important to improve both your online visibility and review ratings. 

Your SEO ranking is the top factor when it comes to search visibility. To improve this, the content you create should be well optimized, with appropriate keyword density. 

Go for PPC Marketing

It is a healthy marketing practice to use pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to accomplish well-defined marketing objectives. After organic With a certain amount of budget, create a Google AdWords campaign that is targeted towards a particular audience. PPC marketing brings in more leads and conversion, but on the flipside, the benefits stop the moment you stop spending money. 

If you have performance gaps in your SEO strategy, PPC marketing can fill them. This is a tried-and-tested measure, when used for specific marketing tasks, but not as a cure-all balm.  

Social Media Marketing Works as Well

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are social media platforms that are widely being used by successful car dealers. Car buyers are active on these platforms, looking for tips, even before deciding on the car brand. That makes social platforms a must-have for car dealerships looking to kick-start conversations with prospective buyers.

Create interesting and engaging visual or video content and seek help from industry influencers to lure potential customers to your auto dealership. 

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