5 Top Reasons Why Car Dealerships Should Switch to CRM-driven Marketing

24 August 2017


In today’s world, car dealerships can gain significant competitive advantage by switching to data and CRM-driven marketing – in order to minimize their expenditures, stay ahead of the competition, find every potential client in their ambit, and build lifetime customer loyalty.

The primary focus of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions is customer centered functioning. This is so that clients can be retained with the aid of targeted content marketing and communication. CRM has already been adopted by many car dealerships and if you haven’t yet started organizing your dealer operations in a CRM centric way yet, we recommend you start immediately.

Are you still having second thoughts about making the switch to CRM-driven marketing? Read on to know why you should.

Reason 1: Better Customer Insights

The basics of customer relationship management (CRM) involve having knowledge about your customers’ needs and requirements. Through CRM, complete customer data, including their buying history, personal choices, family details, etc., are collected and stored in the database. This is sufficient to establish a healthy relationship with your customers, if you act on it in a  process-based manner. Your CRM solution is central to enforcing these processes.

Reason 2: Increased Conversions

CRM also helps in analyzing dormant leads that can be converted using various marketing strategies. Customer demography and position in the sales funnel should also be considered while creating your marketing strategy. These help in optimizing your campaigns for better conversions and returns on investment (ROI). 

Reason 3: Provides Personalized Experience

Nowadays, customers have the leverage to choose their dream car from the wide variety of choices available to them through the internet. So, targeting and marketing to the right audience is a complete game changer. CRM and advanced analytics are able to do it through marketing campaigns with personalized messages.

Reason 4: Assists Cross-Selling 

Pure sales cannot always be the solution for a car dealership to grow their business. New ways need to be figured out to increase profitability. With your customer database and CRM, you can sell new and different products to the same customers. Fill the gaps for your customers’ requirements by exploring untapped opportunities and customize your campaigns accordingly.

Effective CRM systems show you the best-fit products for your customers based on real-time information and data that already exists. These details support the fact that CRM is the best solution for increasing your car sales as well as customer retention, without compromising on dealer efficiency. 

Reason 5: Ensures Accountability

CRM Solutions enforce accountability. Every activity and campaign designed for your customers should generate noticeable results. 

CRM analytics tools and reports help your company’s senior management to study comprehensive data on the marketing and sales activities at the dealership. 

To find more success in sales, CRM-driven marketing has to be followed by every person in your car dealership rather than just a team or an individual. 

For more information on reasons to adopt CRM-driven marketing, Click Here.


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