Online Marketing Ideas for Auto Dealers in Small Towns

20 August 2019

What works in the big cities need not necessarily work in the smaller towns. Car dealers in small towns have to think of unique marketing ideas, in order to get good returns from their marketing initiatives. 

In this article, we will give you a few helpful pointers.

1. Conduct Community Events

Community events in small towns can be really effective. Even doing something fairly straightforward and easy such as hosting a football game or a movie night can significantly increase the amount of awareness of your dealership among the residents. 

For even more engagement with prospective clients, automotive dealerships can hold specific discount days where pre-owned vehicles are sold at lower prices than usual, or when surprise offers or promotions are offered.

The best part about running an auto dealership in a small town is that you don’t need to do something big that involves spending a lot of money to stand out. Even events that are easy on the wallet can provide you with noticeable returns.

2. Pricing Policy Should be Consistent

In large cities, the chances that a prospective buyer speaks to a recent customer are rather limited. However, things are different in small towns, where folks are very likely to speak with one another about the deals that they received or the final prices that they had to pay. 

Offer your customers deals that are fairly similar so that they don't not feel they’ve been treated unfairly.

You need to take special care of this issue.

3. Use Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting enables auto dealers to design ad campaigns suited to their specific customer base. Content that is specifically based on their geographic location, which can be obtained via IP address, location sharing, zip code, and so on, can be delivered to prospects through geo-tagging.

Small town car dealerships can look through their sales history to identify areas where their customer base is mainly located, and invest more time and money in those parts. This is useful because over half of vehicle sales occur within a five mile radius of the dealership. 

Once such focus areas are well established, auto dealers can begin to spread out to new regions.

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