Car Dealer Marketing: Benefits of Using Twitter

21 August 2019

The biggest advantage of having a Twitter presence for your car dealer website is this - it opens up your dealership to over 330 million monthly active users. Way more than half a billion tweets are sent out on a daily basis on Twitter, and the size of this user base is a goldmine for any auto marketer.

In this article, we will explore how to maximize the impact your car dealer website can make by marketing smartly on Twitter.

1. Think like a Publisher

If you don’t develop a following of a reasonably substantial size, then the work you put into creating content that’s published on your Twitter profile never really reaches many Twitter users. You need to think like a person in publishing or media would. Only an audience of a decent size will be sufficient to repay the effort and money that you put in to Twitter marketing efforts.

Follow key accounts, and they may follow you back. Put up content or opinion that are relevant and credible to topics that are within your field of expertise.

You can even tie up with influencers to boost your reach and receive more followers in turn. You don’t need to amass huge numbers of people following you, the benefits can be seen with a reasonable number of followers itself.

2. Include your Location

Twitter provides you with the option of marking your posts with the location of your auto dealership. Enabling this option is a brilliant idea for dealers for two main reasons.

Firstly, it permits any prospective customer to immediately know where your auto dealership is located, should they be interested in getting in touch.

Secondly, Twitter itself can customize your feed to include all the trending topics that may be happening near your dealership. This way, if there’s a trade show or conference or other similar activities being conducted in close proximity to your car dealership, you can be sure that you won’t miss it.

3. Use Tweet Chats and Live Tweets

Tweet chats are moderated conversations that happen within certain groups of Twitter accounts. Being involved in chat on subjects related to your industry is an excellent way of performing Twitter networking. It is a way to quickly and easily widen your network, and also to provide and receive advice. With such levels of engagement, it almost always increases your Twitter following.

Also, during major events such as auto expos or in localized events that occur in your locality, you can ensure the visibility of your dealership by using live tweets. Being involved with real time activities adds great value to your Twitter profile and shows to your followers that you are there.

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