Digital Marketing Trends Your Auto Dealership Needs to Focus On

07 August 2019

Online marketing is very much a dynamic concept and it changes very quickly. New trends can have a severe effect on your marketing efforts. It’s quite important to understand the changing tastes of your target audience. Only this way can you figure out how to handle your digital marketing initiatives

Read on to find out some of the auto marketing trends that you should seriously consider incorporating into the marketing campaigns of your car dealer website so that your showroom traffic gets a boost and you sell more cars.


1. Engage During Micro Moments

Research has revealed that a new car shopper performs nearly a thousand interactions on the internet during the time that leads up to the purchase of their vehicle. These micro moments are segments of the buying thought process that include questions pertaining to the best cars, affordability of those cars, the best deals, where to purchase it from, and so on. 

These micro moments can reveal where shoppers are, what they’re searching for, and what answers they need in order to purchase or lease a vehicle, all of which are very valuable information for your auto dealership.

You can provide sound engagement during these micro moments to gain credibility and customer loyalty. For instance, prospective buyers who are in the "can I afford it” phase will be in search of information about the sort of financial assistance available to them. During this time, you can ensure that your car dealer website has all the offers, promotions, discounts, rental-leasing plans and so on, available on display.

2. Try VIN Specific Campaigns

Everyone would have noticed ads of a particular product following them around on the internet once they search or shop for the same product online. With the usage of VIN specific remarketing techniques, you can follow online shoppers who have expressed interest in a vehicle you have on sale by using ads that display the cars that they have already viewed on your website. 

The high relevance of these ads, if used in a manner that doesn’t seem like spamming, will certainly mean better results for your auto dealership. Research has even shown a marked rise in click-through rates when VIN specific auto marketing strategies were employed.

With VIN specific campaigns, car dealers can reach their prospective customers with details of specific cars in their inventory. Such campaigns can be used for more effective paid search campaigns or remarketing methods. Through these campaigns, your auto dealer website will be able to match information of specific cars to the most likely vehicle shoppers. 

By doing this, you will be able to supply more contextually relevant information to buyers who are currently in the market.

3. Go Mobile

In today’s world, this almost goes without saying. But nevertheless, it is still worth emphasizing. Design every aspect of your car dealer website and marketing initiatives to be mobile friendly. 

Surveys have shown that around a fifth of online car buyers exclusively use mobile devices, and that over half of them use multiple gadgets that include mobile devices. 

If the website of your auto dealership does not function properly when used on a mobile device, you will lose out on this large chunk of your target audience straightaway.

4. Get Ready for More Voice Searches

Research has shown that around a third of website sessions by the year 2020 will come from voice searches. 

Voice searches mean more conversational queries, which demand constant attention to your metadata and schema mark-ups. 

The inclusion of long tail keywords could also become more important when the number of voice searches go up.

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