Building Trust Online for Your Car Dealer Website

23 August 2019

As a car dealer, you certainly know how important a role online marketing plays in increasing the visibility of your auto dealership and getting more prospective customers. However, the flip side of marketing on the internet, as compared to more traditional methods, is that there is always the possibility of a disconnect between your business and your target audience. As a result of this gap, there may be trust issues that you need to overcome.

Once this gap is bridged, expect more and more of your prospects to have the confidence to actually become your paying customers.

In this article, we shall give you a few ideas on how you can get your target audience to gain trust in your auto dealership.

1. Use Live Chat

One of the quickest and guaranteed methods of building customer confidence and trust is by being responsive. Answer any questions they ask and clear any doubts that your audience may have as quickly as possible. This simple act proves to them that you are willing to go that extra mile to address their queries.

An easy way of being responsive is by setting up a live chat function on your car dealer website.

A live chat app can be extremely beneficial in answering simple questions that your customers may have and redirecting the more complicated ones to the right people or department. Even your prospective customers will definitely like the convenience it offers and best of all, it will not cost them anything to reach out and connect with your car dealer website.

2. Be Responsive on Social Media

As always, we can’t sufficiently stress just how important it is to be responsive to your customers and prospects. This is especially true on your social media channels, as comments posted here are immediately visible to everyone who follows you.

If a customer asks a question face to face to a staff member of your auto dealership’s sales or service departments, they would never be kept waiting endlessly for resolution.

Likewise, seeing how your car dealer website takes feedback, both positive and negative, and how quickly and efficiently you help your customers will certainly go a long way in building trust in your brand.

3. List Some FAQs

Getting new customers on board your auto dealership is a great thing, but you have to ensure that they are well informed of how things work at your dealership. By monitoring questions posted by your followers on social media and by thinking from their perspective, you can get a good idea of the doubts that are most frequently expressed.

Create a list and give short answers in simple, easy to understand language. By informing your customers and prospects better, you can ensure a higher level of trust and confidence in your car dealership.

4. Clarity and Accuracy of Information

In many cases, keeping the language simple can yield much better results than using technical jargon, as certainly not everyone will understand them.

This is especially true when pointing out unique aspects of your auto dealership and what makes you different from the competition.

Be straightforward and to the point, your prospective clients should find it intuitive when dealing with your car dealer website.

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