9 Tips to Boost Your Car Dealership Event Visibility

16 August 2019

Events provide the best experiences that bring people together. If your car dealership is planning an event, then you need to know how to reach the target audiences.
Here are some tips to boost your car dealership event visibility and participation.

Tip 1: Plan a Creative Event
Being creative and unique will leave a positive impression. Before launching the event, make it outstanding enough to attract the attention of your target audience.

Tip 2: Personalize the Event
There are always multiple events going on, and a personal touch can make all the difference in driving the right audience to your dealership.  For example, someone at the dealership can make phone calls to high value prospects, inviting them personally.

Tip 3: Event Schema is Important
For higher visibility and participation, you can mark up the web page that is relevant for your event.
The markup areas preferred by Google are location, event name, start date, image, description, venue, offers, etc.

Tip 4: High-quality Content & Backlinks work
You need to add detailed content on the event page. This helps when Google crawls for the best source of information for the event.

Tip 5: Strategically Include Keywords
Focus on event keywords, since it can help your car dealership rank higher than competing events. You can optimize the event name to attract more traffic and visibility.

Tip 6: Focus on the Car Dealership Event Date & Time
The event start time is important since Google should know when the event is taking place.
Add the schema markup for quick crawling.

Tip 7: Choose the Right Social Media Platforms
The best social media platform for event promotion depends on your targeted audience. However, if you are planning to run the promotion on major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then it all works well.

Tip 8: Insert Hashtags
Hashtags play a vital role on social media platforms. So, research for the relevant hashtag that is unique, focused on the event, and easy-to-understand.
Once you have finalized it, stick to it since consistency is critical.

Tip 9: Incentives Work
Who doesn’t like incentives and offers! Offer your attendees freebies or test drives or discounts to attend your event. This might compel them to come to your car dealership.

For more tips to boost your car dealership event visibility and participation, Contact Us.

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