Facebook Marketing Pointers for Your Car Dealer Website

09 August 2019

Facebook ads have been a tried and tested method of bringing in more new leads for many businesses across the globe, and automotive dealerships are no different. 

You can maximize the impact of the Facebook ads of your car dealer website by following these Facebook marketing trends and pointers.

1. Hyper Targeting

When you’re ignoring some age groups from your ad targeting plan, you can also ramp up targeting elsewhere. For instance, instead of only targeting individuals in the 30-40 year age bracket, you can additionally focus on new parents as well. This is referred to as hyper targeting, and it is a great way to get more clicks for less money and give your relevance score a boost.

2. Ignoring Certain Age Groups

Excluding certain sections of the target audience may not feel like the right thing to do when marketing on Facebook, but think about how many new cars your auto dealership can sell to people in their teens. The number is bound to be quite small, even if such individuals form a large part of social networks like Facebook.

Therefore, targeting a smaller but more precise segment of Facebook users can enable you to create ads with more relevant content, which has been shown to lower the cost-per-click. 

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, improved targeting of ads will automatically result in better quality leads.

3. Avoid Paying Unnecessarily

Facebook themselves have stated that thinning audiences by excluding certain users is a good way to get better results from your ads while minimizing costs at the same time. 

When setting up ads, use the job title and employer targeting filters to exclude both your own employees and rivals. This way, you can avoid paying for unnecessary clicks on your car dealer website’s Facebook ad.

4. Use Facebook’s Targeting Options

It is quite important for you to understand the sort of people whom your auto dealership is most likely to sell to. Once you know the demographics of the people who live and work within the vicinity of your car dealership, you will also know what sort of lifestyle they are into, how much they are willing to pay for a new vehicle, and many such parameters. Facebook makes this easy as it is stuffed full of functions that permit you to target the right set of people when you want to publish your ad.

Depending on whether your auto dealership is surrounded by people who are more likely to buy a sedan instead of a hatchback, you can alter your inventory in such a way that these customers have shorter waiting periods when they come to your vehicle dealership to purchase a new vehicle. 

This also translates to lower instances of unsold vehicles just sitting in your lot and taking up valuable space. If your followers and customers see more relevant ads, you will automatically find the cost per click (CTC) and click through rate (CTR) going into the green.

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