How to Promote Your Auto Dealership Website on Snapchat

28 August 2019

If you’re already marketing your auto dealership on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it is certainly time to broaden your horizons by looking at other new and fast growing channels. 

Snapchat is one of the prime choices for your car dealer website to establish a presence in, and we’ll help you to get it in shape with a few helpful pointers.

1. Create Meaningful Relationships with Q&A

Hosting a Q&A session is a fairly easy and effective method to take the followers of your car dealer website on Snapchat and generate sales from them. Set a time and date to host the session and make it well known over the preceding few days. Encourage your Snapchat followers to send in queries that they may have, and this can be publicized on other social media channels of your auto business as well. 

Use short videos extensively for this purpose as they have higher chances of being responded to.

In order to not have a shortage of questions for the Q&A session, keep a provision for your followers on all the social networks of your auto dealership, to send in questions in advance. 

If you receive too many questions, you can easily select the ones you feel are most appropriate. If not enough questions are coming in, you can incentivize it by offering discounts to users whose questions are selected. These discount coupons can be redeemed at your auto dealership for a free service or to purchase accessories.

2. Use Geo-Filters

Geo-filters enable Snapchat users to buy and create their own Snapchat filter, which can then be made available to their followers within a specific region for a predetermined duration.

When your auto dealership hosts an event, persuading your followers to use your geo-filter in snaps that they share will increase your brand awareness, specifically to those who are likely to be your target audience. 

Ensure that you advertise the fact that your auto dealership has a geo-filter, as without being prompted, your followers may be unaware of it and thus result in a waste of your marketing dollars.

3. Upload Snaps Daily

Uploading snaps on a daily basis can do a great deal for car marketing on Snapchat, especially if you have a unique product/service or if your vehicle dealership is newly established. 

Such snaps are useful when it comes to reinforcing top-of-mind awareness of your auto dealership among your followers.

Daily Snapchat uploads are brilliant to showcase behind-the-scenes images, DIY videos and even snaps/videos that show what your dealership does differently.

4. Promotions Exclusive to Snapchat

Snapchat contests and the rewards they promise are an excellent way to incentivize your target audience to follow and engage with your Snapchat profile. Similar to the Q&A sessions we mentioned earlier, promote upcoming Snapchat contest ideas on all your other social media channels.

It needn’t be a grand plan either, something as simple as asking those interested to send in snaps that fulfil conditions such as answering questions set by you, or taking photos or videos at specific locations or with certain vehicles, is usually more than sufficient.

5. Publicize Your Snapcode

Probably the easiest method for other Snapchat users to add you is through Snapcodes. Users can simply scan your code and the profile of your car dealer website will be added to their friend list immediately.

As a result, it makes sense to put up images of your snapcode in as many locations as possible to increase its visibility and maximize your chances of having more followers. Frequently posting your snapcode on the social media channels of your auto dealership is also a good way to achieve these results.

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