Effective LinkedIn Marketing Pointers for Your Car Dealer Website

30 August 2019

We all know that while several social media channels exist for you to reach out to all sorts of people, LinkedIn is still the best choice for you to target professionals and organizations. For this reason alone, we think that it is highly important to get the LinkedIn marketing initiatives of your auto dealership done correctly, as the rewards could be huge.

Here are a few handy points on LinkedIn marketing that are easy and straightforward to implement.

1. Track Your Marketing Activities

Whatever the marketing strategies of your car dealer website are, it is highly important to track them and measure their effectiveness. LinkedIn analytics provides you with easy ways of measuring multiple factors of your campaigns such as how much they have been liked or shared, and how many more new connections you’ve received after the campaign went live.

You can even see in detail how many LinkedIn users have found your page and engaged with your car dealer website. All this will help your auto dealership figure out which marketing strategies work best. Putting more effort in this direction will help increase revenue.

2. Setup LinkedIn Website Demographics

LinkedIn Website Demographics provides professional insights about website visitors and enables you to remarket to them through LinkedIn ads. You need to do this from your LinkedIn advertising account.

This social media channel also enables you to take certain sections of your overall website traffic and create audiences specifically for those sections only.

This is referred to as matched audiences, and it also allows you to view the website demographics of the site visitors who visit certain pages on your site or perform certain actions, such as submitting a contact information form.

Matched audiences are very useful as it gives you the provision to compare the website demographics of individuals who actually convert against the demographics of your overall viewer base. This allows your auto dealership to target your marketing initiatives specifically for those who have the highest chances of becoming your clients.

3. Finding the Right Audience Size for You

While there are definite benefits to having as wide an audience as possible, we recommend that you get tough and target as specific a set as you can for your auto dealership. Having super sized audiences is going to be an immense strain on your marketing budget, and we suggest against it unless money definitely isn’t an issue at all.

If your car dealer website is presented with a target audience that is too large, you can break it up by focusing on parameters such as seniority, location or other similar factors.

In addition to seniority, there is another filter in LinkedIn called the Years of Experience filter, which works along similar lines of the seniority filter.

4. Run Split Tests to Improve Ads

Running split tests, also referred to as A/B tests, can help your auto dealership understand what sort of marketing your target audience responds to better. Basically, you test every component of an ad – images, captions, call to actions (CTAs), and so on – until you figure out the combination that works best.

Change variables one by one. If you change both an image and a headline, you’ll never know which one made the difference to the overall campaign. But if you don’t have time to test each variable out, you can run multiple tests simultaneously to see which works best.

It obviously makes a good deal of sense to design your LinkedIn advertisements so that they reach your website visitors. When defining the audience of your ad campaigns, you can use the matched audiences mentioned earlier in this article. The insight tag will enable you to select or leave out specific audience sets.

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