Making your Auto Dealership Recession-proof : 3 Tips

21 August 2018

The automotive industry has witnessed sensational growth for several years on end, but sales may be finally hitting a slump. During times like these, it makes sense to ensure that every single dollar spent is worthwhile.

A key factor that can help your auto Dealership to come out on top despite the tough times is to leverage ways to maximize efficiency and minimize the costs incurred per sale. Every bit of your marketing budget, every lead captured, and every bit of your marketing efforts should be used to their full potential.

In this article, we will tell you how to stave off the brunt of a market slowdown for your auto dealership.

01. Leverage Your Existing Customer Data

While it is a known fact that your customers are the key to generating revenue, it also pays to remember that getting a new customer for your auto dealership is several times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Your CRM system has a wealth of data on your clients, and you can use this information to inform your sales team on the best methods to approach them for follow-ups by touching on the customers’ actual interests. It allows you to eliminate sending them irrelevant promotions and make them feel valued instead.

02. Take Stock

Maximize resource utilization by figuring out what your auto dealership really needs in order to function smoothly. Understand the goals that have been set and chart out how to achieve them with minimal expenses and wastage.

While new tools and technology are difficult to resist, work out if the investment will actually be worth it. Also take a look at existing tools and systems and see if they can be improved and optimized.

03. Focus on Fixed Operations

Today’s automotive world is a highly competitive one, and to really stand out from the crowd, your auto dealership needs to deliver a significantly better customer experience.

This is especially true in the case of fixed operations such as your service department. More often than not, it is the service section that causes clients the most amount of stress. If your auto dealership can change that and make vehicle servicing a smooth, hassle-free, and value for money customer experience, then your dealership will soon become a favorite through word-of-mouth of your satisfied customers. This will keep a steady stream of revenue flowing in, keeping the negative effects of a market slump at bay.

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