How to Compete When Your Car Dealership AdWords Expenses is Extremely High

22 August 2018

With the unprecedented growth in search marketing, car dealerships have also evolved their marketing plan, leading to huge competition. The stakes are also huge, with a higher Cost Per Click (CPC) kicking in for highly contested keywords.

To succeed, your car dealership needs to focus on how to compete in a situation where CPC remains high.

Tip 1 : Use Analytics to Track Your AdWords Campaigns

Google Analytics is the best free tool available to track your AdWords campaigns, since it provides detailed insights into your campaigns.

This helps in optimizing your campaign and keyword strategy, when competing in a high CPC environment.

Tip 2 : Improve Your Quality Score

If you improve your quality score then automatically the CPC will decrease. Improved quality score provides an opportunity to compete during bidding for your targeted keywords.

Tip 3 : Choose highly-targeted Audience

One of the best ways to work around higher CPCs is to create Google ads for highly targeted audiences.

This approach filters out unwanted clicks and attracts only qualified clicks which are more likely to convert.

Tip 4 : Schedule Your Ads Efficiently

Use scheduling tools to find the best time, day, and week for displaying your Google ads.

You can time your ads to reduce your bid during the least profitable hours.

Tip 5 : Target Alternative Keywords

Sometimes, when the bidding turns extremely competitive, you need to think of alternate keywords.

When looking for alternative keywords, you can either go for a wider keyword net or deeper long-tail keyword strategies.

Tip 6 : Proper Budget Planning

Setting up a budget may look simple but it is not so.

The best practice to set a budget is to split your budget into high-priority and low-priority AdWords campaigns.

Tip 7 : Try Various Ad Positions

Test and experiment which ad position works for your targeted keyword.

If the results are good and CPC is attractive for position 2 and 3, then go for it.

Tip 8 : Focus on Ad Extensions

Ad extensions play a vital role in improving your click-through rates (CTRs), thereby, decreasing CPCs.

Various ad extensions can be used in order to make your ads more relevant and compelling to your audience to increase the CTRs.

Tip 9 : Revisit Your Entire Google AdWords Campaign Process

If none of the above tips are working then it is best to revisit your car dealership AdWords campaigns starting from ad copy, landing pages, lead capture, and conversion process.

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