Decision Fatigue and What it Means for Your Dealership

31 August 2018

You invested time, money, and effort into bringing more traffic to your auto dealer website. After all these efforts, do you feel that it hasn’t resulted in as many conversions as you would have liked?

You’re not alone in this case, since surveys show that over 90% of the traffic that arrives on a car dealer website have no intention whatsoever of making a purchase at that time.

Most of these individuals are interested in obtaining information and weighing alternatives in order to arrive at a decision. In ordinary circumstances, most end up bouncing off your website without converting or taking any other desired action.

What is Decision Fatigue?

Practically no online shopper is immune to decision fatigue. Human beings consciously and subconsciously take hundreds of decisions before even stepping out of their homes in the morning, and as a result, they automatically begin looking for shortcuts in different decision processes, mainly to avoid being overcome with mental fatigue. This leads to people either taking decisions on impulse, or avoiding making decisions altogether. The latter is especially true when it comes to financially heavy purchases such as cars or vehicle accessories.

However, there are ways to use decision fatigue to your advantage and get more website visitors to convert. For instance, use Dynamic Visitor Promotions (DVPs) that are exit-intent or time-based to display the right messages at just the right time.

Dynamic Visitor Promotions (DVPs) 

As we pointed out earlier, decision fatigue can cause an individual to either not take a decision at all or make a decision impulsivelyOnce a visitor has been on your auto dealer website for a certain length of time and they’re getting ready to leave, you can show them a promotional message. At that point, due to decision fatigue, there is a far greater chance that they may act impulsively and convert.

When prospects see a strategically timed ad, they will be more open to communicating with your dealership and more likely to convert by filling out a short survey, subscribing to your emails, and so on.

As long as you keep the message and its CTA brief and straightforward, a section of prospective shoppers are likely to convert immediately.

For more information on how to use decision fatigue to your advantage and to know how izmo can help improve your promotions, Contact Us.

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