How to Use Geo Targeting to Increase Your Dealership Foot Traffic

23 August 2018

Dealers are experts in the personalized style of selling. With most of the selling now shifting to dealership websites, what impact has the shift to digital selling had on more traditional sales techniques?

We all know that the auto dealer website is the backbone of today's successful auto businesses, but how can their online actions result in more visitors walking in?

In a word, the answer would be geo-targeting, and in this article, we will point out how to make it work wonders for your auto dealership.


Geo targeting is basically about finding the physical location of website visitors, and then displaying content, ads, promotions, offers, and more that might be of relevance to them. Any good lead capturing strategy will take into account where the website visitors are, and then target each of them differently.

For a dealership, this is critical in order to create compelling, individualized offers or discounts that are likely to get customers much more inclined to visiting your auto dealership.

For instance, if you figure out that a customer lives not far from your car dealership, you could provide them a discount for a same-day pick-up of the vehicle for servicing. On the other hand, someone who lives further away will be more likely to respond to offers valid during the coming week or month because it gives them plenty of time to get to your dealership.

Driving More Foot Traffic

Geo targeting your clients this way will not only drive up foot traffic to your dealership, but also provide your sales team a good heads up  to deal with the influx of customers.

Today’s websites and digital marketing tools are smart, and a smart system will also enable your auto dealership to run campaigns based on the behavioural characteristics of your customers and prospects. This allows your marketing staff to target and engage site visitors with unique offers every single time they return to your dealership website, thereby preventing your promotions from looking stale.

Having the ability to geo target means that no website engagement will be wasted or directed towards someone who has no inclination to follow through. This will help to optimize the dealership’s marketing budget and improved revenue generation from higher foot traffic as well.

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