5 Proven Ways to Improve the Ad Rank of your Car Ads

01 October 2018

An ad rank is the position of your paid ad in a Google search results page. The ad position plays a vital role in higher Click-through Rates (CTR), in turn leading to better conversions too.

Here are a few important factors that affect the ad rank of your car dealer ads. It includes bid amount, quality of the advert, device, time, etc. of the ad, and last but not the least, ad relevancy.

01. Relevancy of Ad Extensions

If your ads are to get a good ad rank, then it is vital to focus on the relevancy of ads. Ad extensions play an important role in increasing the relevancy of your ad with your car dealership.

These extensions also increase your click-through rates (CTR).

02. Improve Your Ad’s Quality Score

Quality score is Google’s rating of your ad and it depends on the relevancy and quality of your pay per click (PPC) ads and keywords.

If your ad has a higher quality score, the bid amount goes down, and the ad rank increases.

03. Create Unique Landing Pages

As soon as your prospects click on your ad, they need to be redirected to a landing page which should be relevant to the ad. If they click on the ad looking for something and it leads to a generic page, then the ad is not likely to fetch you quality leads.

A landing page should have a clear and more elaborate message that matches the ad. If the messages match then you can expect more than 150 percent improvement in conversions, and it boosts your ad rank as well.

04. Try Ads Using Features and Benefits

Your automotive ad position can be improved if the ad text contains a few features and benefits of your offering. These keywords showcases unique selling points, compelling visitors to click on the ad, which in turn increases your CTR and improves the ad rank and position.

05. Increase Your Automotive Ad Bid

If your car dealership has enough budget for paid ads, then bidding more will also improve the ad rank of your ads. Bidding more is the quickest way to improve ad rank and get to the prime position where the CTR will go up drastically.

If you have a limited budget then you should be bidding more only on high-value keywords, which will also improve your conversion rates.

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