How to Design a High-performing Car Dealer Website Homepage

10 November 2017


Make a powerful first impression with an impactful homepage for your car dealer website. It is the most visited page on your website, and a strategically designed homepage can drastically slash your bounce rates.

The moment prospects land on your car dealer website, they should buy into your dealership. But unfortunately, it’s not happening often, and most of the time, the reason is a poorly designed homepage.

Here are four homepage design tips that can help you with improved results.

Homepage Tip 1: Make it Short & Sweet

Longer the blog, higher the conversion, is true. However, exactly the opposite is also true – when it comes to your homepage design. A more visually oriented homepage with powerful condensed copy usually delivers more conversions.

If you have SEO oriented long form copy on the home page, keep it away from the website first look. A dominating visual banner, with compelling short copy directing the user to a landing page is the best bet for longer retention and higher conversions.

Homepage Tip 2: Write Compelling Headlines

You are already aware of the fact that headlines have the power to increase click-through rates (CTR).

The latest research tells that, you only have two-tenths of a second to capture the prospects’ attention. That’s why your main headline should invoke interest in just a single glance.

Include a compelling value proposition in the headline, for better conversions.

Homepage Tip 3: Build a Connection

Know your local prospects better and design your car dealer website homepage for focused target groups than for everyone. This will result in better connections, leading to increased conversions.

If you provide too many choices to your car-buyers, then they are likely to choose nothing. So, stop them from thinking a lot and direct them to the next profitable action.

Homepage Tip 4: Include Interesting Videos

Videos are already the most popular way to engage your prospects, especially in the car sales. As you will be designing a visually oriented homepage, much of the information will be left out. Through videos, you can pick these up and convey your message. For example, a car marketing video can deliver the content of a voluminous brochure in less than 60 seconds.

It is a fact that only 10% of the textual content is retained in the memory of the viewers, whereas, almost all of the video content is retained. So, with videos, your dealership can effectively create top-of-the-mind recall and communicate more value.

For more homepage design tips for your car dealership website, Click Here.


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