7 Best Keyword Research Tools For Your Car Dealer Website

09 November 2017

You are already aware of the fact that the keywords you choose will impact your car dealer website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. To choose the right keywords that work well for your website, a lot of research is required, which needs to be backed-up by data.

It takes immense effort to measure the right keywords manually, even if you have SEO specialists to help you out. Fortunately, there are keyword research tools that can make life easier for your dealership.

Check out some of these keyword research tools, used by digital marketing experts.

Keyword Research Tool 1: Google Keyword Planner

Being a Google’s product, Google Keyword Planner, is the top choice. And it’s free too!

If you enter a keyword or two into the tool, it will display a comprehensive list of related keywords with data about the competition. Google Keyword Planner also shows historical statistics, competitive bids, and budget helpful for your AdWords campaigns.

Keyword Research Tool 2: SEMRush

SEMRush comes with a limited free trial period. This is one of the best keyword research tools that help in competitor keyword study.

With SEMRush, multiple domains can be compared and evaluated, and key factors such as common keywords and its position in paid and organic searches can be measured.

Keyword Research Tool 3: Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is one of the easy-to-use premium keyword research tools. It helps in generating the right head terms and long-tail keywords with the seed keyword that you provide.

Along with this, it also checks major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for your keywords.

Keyword Research Tool 4: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that suggests keywords which are not available through Google Keyword Planner.

Ubersuggest is also one of the easiest tools to use, especially for beginners. Just enter your query and it will list down Keyword suggestions. The ones you tick are automatically added to the list. Each suggestion also expands into further choices. If you choose to expand the selected keyword, it offers even more keyword choices in that specific area.

Keyword Research Tool 5: Keywordtool.io

Keyword Tool is a free basic keyword research tool that suggests a huge list of long-tail keywords for your seed keyword. This helps in understanding your audiences’ searches around your niche.

The keywords generated are compiled from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Apple app store. If you become a premium member then you can get an access to the search volume, competition, and cost per click (CPC).

Keyword Research Tool 6: KWFinder

KEFinder is a new keyword research tool for long-tail keywords that has both free and paid versions. It provides data on the search volume, trend, difficulty level, and CPC of your keyword.

The other domains targeting your keywords, backlinks, traffic, and social shares are also available.

Keyword Research Tool 7: Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is a premium keyword research tool gives the volume and difficulty level. It also provides relative click-through rate (CTR), the importance of keywords to your campaign, and competitive study. The competitor website’s page authority ranking for your keywords is also available.

Along with these, the data can be exported for your analysis.

To know more about these keyword research tools for your car dealership website, Click Here.

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