9 Pinterest Advertising Tips for Car Dealerships

13 November 2017


Ever since Pinterest opened up their ad service in 2014, it has turned out to be one of the most effective social media platforms for both B2C and B2B marketers, especially for targeting women.
If you haven’t yet added Pinterest to your social marketing initiatives, then this is the best time. Here are some Pinterest advertising tips that work for car dealerships.
Pinterest Tip 1: Take Care of Pinterest Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pinterest is also a search engine and your dealership should consider optimizing your Pinterest content for it. 
Keywords play a vital role in the popularity of your pins, including pin content and board description, as well as your dealerships’ name and profile description. Optimizing your entire Pinterest profile and content will make your pins, including promoted pins, go further and deliver better results.
Pinterest Tip 2: Include the Right Keywords
Keyword research is an essential process prior to creating any online content including Pinterest advertising. 
Use Pinterest search for keyword ideas and create ads around these keywords. Including in your ad title and description as well.
Pinterest Tip 3: Use Various Types of Pinterest Ads
Different types of Pinterest ads are available for promoting your car dealership. The ads include promoted pins, video pins, one-tap pins, promoted app pins, and cinematic pins. 
Make the best use of these types, create the right content to go with images and video, and design your Pinterest Ads.  
Pinterest Tip 4: Target the Right Audience
Similar to Facebook even Pinterest allows you to choose and target the right audience who are interested in car-buying. 
The audiences can be based on location, age, gender, keywords, and devices. If you save the audience type then it can be used for your future ads as well. 
Pinterest Tip 5: Bid Aggressively
Don’t hesitate to bid for a higher rate as Pinterest offers you second-price auction opportunity. Initially, go for a stronger bid, monitor the performance closely, get an idea of the cost per click (CPC), and then lower the bid. 
With this process, you can run a long-term campaign without any fear of bleeding more money. 
Pinterest Tip 6: Pinterest is All About Visuals
Pinterest is primarily an image platform. Always use attractive and high-quality images and videos in your auto dealer marketing pins. 
To attract more car-buyers, compelling infographics is a very good idea. 
Pinterest Tip 7: Make Use of Rich Pins
Rich pins have extra information on them that makes the visitors stay on the same page. Use various types of rich pins, such as place, article, app, product, recipe, and movie. 
Based on the category, you can provide extra information with rich pins. For instance, for a product pin, the product price and a big headline are generated at the top. 
Pinterest Tip 8: One-tap Pins Work Well
One-tap pins, one of the Pinterest Ad formats, take users directly to your website rather than taking them to another Pinterest page. 
This is however still in the beta-testing stage and will soon be available to everyone.
Pinterest Tip 9: A/B Testing for Better Engagement
Split testing or A/B testing is a vital process in social marketing. In A/B testing, a couple of pins which differ in design and content presentation are tested to measure which approach works better. 
This is generally done to deliver the best results with your promoted pins.
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The shopping behavior of prospective car buyers have changed drastically in the last couple of years, and so have the digital marketing strategies of auto dealers.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process, which ideally results in the better ranking of your car dealer website.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is insufficient if your car dealer website is to deliver great ROI. Your website speed also matters and has a direct impact on your conversion rate
Most car dealers now have active car dealer websites, and are familiar with how things work online.
Make a powerful first impression with an impactful homepage for your car dealer website.
You are already aware of the fact that the keywords you choose will impact your car dealer website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.
Car dealer marketing is evolving by the day, increasingly shifting to an always-connected world where prospects have lots of choices and tiny attention spans.
Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated near-reality experience of a real-life environment.
With more than 2.8 billion users and up to 91% of your local prospects on it, it is hard for your car dealership to ignore social media.