6 Incredible Advantages of Guest Blogging for Your Car Dealership Website

03 November 2017



Guest blogging is about blogging for a blog other than his own. So what does it have to do with marketing your car dealership?

Guest blogging is incredibly advantageous for car dealerships because it offers a free opportunity to share your expertise with others in your local community, helping to take your dealership to prospects who are out of your regular marketing ambit.

For example, imagine a blog post titled "Winter Care for Your Car – Nine Do's and Don'ts” in the local newspaper blog.

Here are seven great advantages of sparing a little time for guest blogging.

Advantage 1: Increases Targeted Traffic to Your Website

You usually write guest blogs on another blog in your local community or niche. People who read that blog also belong to the same local community or niche as well.

If your blog post invokes interest, it can drive targeted traffic to your car dealer website.

Advantage 2: Builds Personal Network with the Local Influencers

If you write guest blogs on authoritative blogs like a well-received local newspaper blog, then you can build a personal relationship not only with the publication but their followers as well.

To strengthen your relationship, it is advisable to blog at regular intervals – at least once a month.

Advantage 3: Improves Your Online Authority

Online marketing is about authority and trust. Your own blogs might be well-written with a lot of research and insights going into it, but it’s a challenge to increase your audiences’ trust.

Guest blogging on authoritative sites helps to circumvent this limitation and increase your authority and trust quotient with your local community.

Advantage 4: Gets More Backlinks

Most of the authoritative sites that accept guest blogging will allow you to provide at least one link to your car dealer website.

A backlink from these authoritative sites is also sufficient to increase your website SEO ranking.

Advantage 5: Makes Your Writing Better

It takes time for a writer to become a balanced writer. For your blogs to reach near perfection, you have to write a lot more, regularly. Guest blogging with others not only helps in improving your writing skills but also in learning SEO best-practices, recent trends, what audiences are looking for, and many more.

With these newly acquired skills, it is easier to lift your car dealer website content quality and attract more prospects.

Advantage 6: Enhances Social Media Interaction

The guest blogs you create is likely to be shared and discussed by local social media networks. Make sure to contribute to it by engaging in those discussions, understanding others’ views, and come up with even better blog posts.

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With more than 328 million monthly users, Twitter is an efficient way to reach your prospects in real-time and promote your car dealership.
Keyword research is a key digital marketing component of car dealers.
With prospective car buyers increasingly relying on their social networks for help and advice, social media is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing your car
In the short term, Google AdWords is the best way to drive traffic as well as leads to your car dealer website.
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