4 Ways VR Will Change Car Dealerships

07 November 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated near-reality experience of a real-life environment. This fast-growing technology is all set to change the future of digital marketing at car dealerships.

When automotive VR hits the mainstream, it will hugely influence car buying decisions and car dealers will have to change their sales and marketing plans to accommodate it.

Here are 4 ways virtual reality will change car dealerships.

VR Impact 1: Virtual Reality for Better Content

VR makes static content seem irrelevant. Instead of describing cars, it goes many steps ahead and delivers a near-actual experience to your prospective customers, anytime, anywhere.

Car dealerships can use VR to provide virtual tours of their vehicles almost anywhere. It can be in your car dealership’s lobby, a shopping center, customers’ living room, or at a workplace.

VR Impact 2: Virtual Reality as Emotional Engaging Factor

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality will be a cost consideration factor for your dealership. However, it is worth every dollar you spend on it.

Your customers’ emotional leanings play a vital role in marketing engagement. Virtual Reality emotionally engages consumers more than any other marketing content.

It is a powerful way to connect your customers with your dealership.

VR Impact 3: Virtual Reality for Virtual Test Drives

Virtual Reality can not only demo your car, but also let your clients experience interactive virtual test drives. VR makes it easy and handy to offer test drives even when the weather outside is not conducive for real-life test drives. It also helps your sales team since this will significantly reduce the time spent on physical demos of the cars and test-drives.

VR Impact 4: Virtual Reality enhances Customer Relationships

Not only does VR positively impacts customer relationships, it can even help reduce the time beteen two car purchases.

With a VR demo station in the service area, dealers will be able to offer service customers lively VR test-drives when they are waiting for the cars. Not only can this brighten up the otherwise boring time spent in your dealership, it can even help sell more cars to existing customers as well as drive more referrals.

For more information on the impact of Virtual Reality on your car dealership marketing,Click Here.


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