How to Create Engaging Social Media Content That Drives Car Sales

06 November 2017


With more than 2.8 billion users and up to 91% of your local prospects on it, it is hard for your car dealership to ignore social media.

Here are some effective ideas to create engaging social media content.

Social Media Content Idea 1: Images Speak a Lot

High-quality images help in gaining more likes, comments, and shares than only text. People connect with images faster than text. For instance, the interaction rate of your Facebook post goes up 87% if you add just a single image to it. Retweets increase by 150% or more if you add one compelling image to your tweet.

Remember to select and add a compelling image, the next time you post or tweet.

Social Media Content Idea 2: Change Evergreen Content into Infographics

Infographics are shared 3x more on social media. Select one of your evergreen posts, make an attractive infographic with it, with great pictures, graphs, emotional expressions, and more, and repost.

You are likely to be surprised by the results.

Social Media Content Idea 3: Make Best Use of Hashtags

Popular hashtags relevant to your content will improve the engaging factor of your tweets and posts. To understand what works with your local prospects, try A/B testing using different hashtags and headlines.

Remember to restrict the number of hashtags to just one or two in a single post. Too many hashtags lower social engagement.

Social Media Content Idea 4: Showcase Your Customer Testimonials & Reviews

A happy customer’s story and review of the relationship with your car dealership can help build trust with your future customers. Remember to post customer reviews with a few images.

Even better, post customer videos.

Social Media Content Idea 5: Engage with Contests & Surveys

A unique and interesting way to attract your prospects is engaging contests and surveys. You can now run these on most social media platforms.

Prospects are required to leave their email ids to register for these events, which can be used for email follow-ups.

Social Media Content Idea 6: Talk about Current Trends

It is human nature to be curious. Learn the latest automotive trends, think of ways to connect them with your dealership, and then post or tweet about it.

This will keep your local prospects engaged and drive traffic to your car dealership website.

Social Media Content Idea 7: Surprise with Takeaways

Keep an eye on the lifetime value of your loyal customers and occasionally surprise them with takeaways.

While you are at it, never ever forget a birthday or anniversary.

Social Media Content Idea 8: Tag Influencers in Your Posts

If you have mentioned any automotive influencers in your social media post then it is always good to tag them. They are likely to appreciate it by sharing or commenting.

This will loop in all their followers as well, increasing the engagement factor.

Social Media Content Idea 9: Include Social Media Buttons

Always include social media buttons in your email campaigns and newsletters. In email campaigns, you can ask subscribers to follow you on social media. Also request your email subscribers to share your content. This will definitely increase your engagement factor and click-through rates.

For more engaging social media content ideas for your car dealership, Click Here.


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