8 Important Social Media Skills Every Car Dealer Must Acquire

30 October 2017


With prospective car buyers increasingly relying on their social networks for help and advice, social media is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing your car dealership. In fact, 75% of car buyers and 66% of service customers used social media and online reviews to decide where to go. Showing up when prospective customers search for cars in your local area is no more an option – it is a question of your very survival.

Here are some must-have social media marketing skills for car dealers.

01. Ability to Create Valuable Content

It is a known fact that ‘Content is King,’ especially in all kinds of marketing, including social media marketing. Any social media marketer should be well-aware of the value of well-scripted, sharable content which solves problems for prospective car buyers.

Always be on the lookout for interesting content ideas to use on your website, blog, and social pages.

02. Ability to be Creative

Your content is either interesting, or dead. Creativity is the only way to capture the attention of your audience in less than 15 seconds and make them take an expected action.

It is proven that around 25% of social followers unfollow if all they get is boring content.

Look for surprising and unexpected ways to get your ideas and tips across. Never explain. Instead, inspire and invoke.

03. Ability to Video Shoot

90% of your online prospects watch car videos, and videos engage prospects for a far longer time than any other content format.

Car dealerships need neither professional video setups nor training to churn out powerful videos. Try shooting new model releases with your cellphone camera. Video customer reviews are easy to create as well.

04. Ability to Maintain Community Engagement

Car dealerships need to be good at maintaining and interacting with their communities. Valuable and relevant information should be shared with them regularly.

This will keep the followers engaged and will also make them comment on it. It is the dealer’s responsibility to respond to these comments promptly.

05. Ability to Automate and Schedule Posts

It is not feasible for most car dealerships to stay online 24x7. The best way out is to automate and schedule posts. Make use of social media management tools like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, etc. to get this done.

06. Ability to Set-up Paid Ads

Even if your car dealer website is driving a good amount of traffic, paid advertising helps to boost conversion rates.

Setting up paid social media campaigns is a skilled process and a must-have skill for dealerships aiming for higher conversion rates.

07. Ability to Take Care of Analytics

In social marketing, it is important to know what is working and what is not, and analytics can get you the numbers instantly.

Social Analytics also help you to decipher consumer attitudes and gives a fair idea as to what attracts and motivates car buyers. Interestingly, this differs widely from car to car.

08. Ability to Respond to Customers

A compelling social presence means you will have a lot of questions waiting for you. Questions will keep pouring in by the minute.

It is the responsibility of the digital marketing team in every car dealership to quickly respond to questions, and drive potential customers further into the sales funnel.

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