How to Create a Successful Automotive PPC Marketing Campaign

08 September 2017

From local auto repair shops to well-established large, multi-showroom auto dealer groups, car businesses are adopting the latest online marketing strategies to outrun the competition and get more customers. 

If you want to see better car sales results, paid advertising can help you garner more short-term leads. The best way to go about paid advertising is to look at pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

PPC helps to kick-start a steady flow of traffic into your auto dealership website, as well as with brand recognition and improving your Google ranking.

Here are a few tips to create a successful PPC marketing campaign for your car dealership.

01. Start with Intense Research

It is always advisable to start with strong groundwork and research about your audience, their requirements and searches, competition, and more. This research lets you decide and finalize the keywords to use in your PPC marketing campaign. 

02. Use Keywords that are in Demand

After you have the basic keywords suitable for your audience, start validating them. Google Adwords Keyword Planner can help in the validation process by showing search volume data, cost per click, trends, competitive data, and keyword suggestions.

03. Organize Keywords – Add Negative Keywords in Your PPC Campaign

Once you finalize your keywords depending on your research and demand, it’s useful to group them. Organize your keywords based on audience and search intent ranging from broader keywords to specific long-tail keywords. 

Sometimes, if you use negative keywords in your campaign, it will attract a few extra views. 

04. Spy on Your Competitor’s Campaign!

It’s time to studied your competition and the keywords used in their PPC marketing campaigns. A tool called SpyFu helps in revealing how others create their ads. If you are already aware of the successful keywords that bring your competition profits, then target the same keyword. 

05. Create Better Ads

Even your paid ads need to compete with others. That’s why they should be more impactful than your competitors’ ads. If the text in your ad closely targets your audience, then more clicks will lead to conversion. The PPC campaign’s conversion can be enhanced with the use of personalized text in it.

PPC ad campaigns has limited space and includes:

  • The title/headline
  • The description
  • The display URL

Another important point to be included in your PPC campaign is your car dealership’s unique selling proposition (USP) in a couple of words. It brings clarity to your customers and could be a sales clincher.  

06. Focus on the CTA

A call to action (CTA) should always be a simple and actionable proposition that will push the reader towards taking immediate action. Two words that are mandatory to be used in your CTAs are "Now” and "Get”. Other words such as Your, Save, Best, Free, and You are also almost equally important. 

Use these words in appropriate ways to make it a very actionable CTA. Simply put, Better the CTA, better your conversion rates.

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