6 Unusual Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Car Dealer Website

04 September 2017

To be successful and profitable, dealers need to increase their website traffic, but they need to deal with the competition if they take the most common, tired and tested routes to it.

Here are some unusual ways to increase traffic to your car dealership website.

01.Have a Resources Page

Anyone would love being referred to as a role model. Dedicate a webpage for a few auto industry influencers and loyal clients. Share posts and testimonials of these individuals and admire their contributions. After creating a page, share the link with them. In turn, they are likely to share with their followers and this can drive traffic towards your site. 

With a well-designed resource page, you can tap into these influencers, which will immediately increase your website traffic.

02.Share Your Content on Medium.com

More than 60 million readers use medium.com every month and many of your local prospects are likely to be there. You need not create new content for medium.com. Instead, rework content that is already on your website or social pages.

Follow these simple steps to publish on Medium:

  • Go to https://medium.com/
  • Click Sign up and connect with Twitter or Facebook
  • Click your profile image and then Stories
  • Click Import a story
  • Copy and paste the URL you want to republish, and then click Import
  • Click See your story
  • If everything looks good, add tags, select the desired image, and then click Publish.

03.Create Experts’ Roundup Post

Prepare a short bio, image, and provide a link to a group of automotive influencers. Get in touch with them through email and ask them to contribute to your roundup post. If they do not respond, use quotes from their social media accounts, and create the roundup post. 

After the article is published, share the link with these influencers, and tag them. Most of the influencers will share your post. This has the potential to go viral and increase traffic to your auto dealer website. 

04.Response Posts Truly Works!

Nothing is more interesting than a controversy. Choose your influencers’ posts that you disagree with and prepare a strong counterattack with reasoning.  Also, write to the influencer about your disagreement and provide a link to your post.

With most influencers, you can expect a response along with your article link. The followers of these influencers have to go through your article to understand the response, thereby increasing your traffic. 

05.Consider Quora 

Quora is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Find relevant questions and answer them with recent content that you have written. At the end of the answer, you can provide a link to your article. For more information, answer-seekers will visit your website.

06.Conduct Surveys

Create short and interesting surveys that help in providing a better user experience. You can lure them through rebates, giveaways, or promotion codes. If your survey is quick, your website visitors will surely respond and provide valuable feedback.

Make the best use of these survey reports and improve your user experience. A website that looks and feels good to use will receive much more traffic than ones that are not.

For more unusual ways to increase website traffic to your auto dealership, Contact Us.


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