Five Content Marketing Myths That Hurt Your Car Sales

07 September 2017

Digital marketing changes every day. What worked a couple of months back might not only not work today, but may also harm your marketing efforts. 

Here are a few content marketing myths that may be stinging your car sales.

Myth 1: Content Marketing is Only for Certain Niches

Content marketing has never been a marketing strategy for a particular niche. It can be applied across all industries. It is more of a storytelling format of marketing and every industry should make use of it. In segments like car dealerships, prospective buyers are likely to be more interested in listening to other car buyers relating their personal experiences, rather than mere promotions.

Create engaging, interesting, and educative content which not only highlights your dealership, but actually helps prospective buyers and builds up their confidence in you.

Myth 2: Everybody is Capable of Creating High-Quality Content

Every dealership can create content, but the question is, is this content relevant and interesting to prospective car buyers in your area?  

For content ideas, look around your dealership – it can be anything, right from clever do-it-yourself fixes to video reviews of happy customers. Ideally your dealership should be adding new content to your car dealership every single day. If not, then leave it to the content marketing professionals.

Myth 3: Text Alone is Sufficient

It is a popular misconception that content marketing is mostly about textual content like blogs and articles. Nothing car be further from the truth. Web content is becoming visual by the day, and video is the most effective content marketing medium available now. 

In addition to video, visual content can also include pictures, infographics, screenshots, stock images, etc. 

Myth 4: Results are Quick

Often, dealers expect to see results as soon as they update their car dealer website. With content marketing, the results are rarely that quick. 

If your car dealer website already has a good online reputation, it won’t take too long for Google to recognize your content. Otherwise, be patient and keep adding more of what works.

In case you are only starting with your car dealer website, follow these pointers: 

  • Firstly, your website has to start showing up in local searches
  • Secondly, it should gain authority
  • Lastly, its rank should steadily become better, thereby improving leads and sales.

Myth 5: Cost of Quality Content Writers is High

When I mentioned about handing over the responsibility of generating good content to the professionals, I’m sure that you must be thinking of incurring huge expenses. 

In fact, professional online marketing services are now affordable, and more importantly, cost-effective. 

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