5 Car Dealer Marketing Trends to Watch

31 August 2017

The automotive industry is witnessing a dynamic transformation in recent years due to ever-changing marketing trends. Going forward, it will be a necessity for auto dealers to adapt to these trends for better marketing and sales.

Here are a few important current automotive marketing trends.

01. Better Customer Experience & Personalization

It is said that "Customer is King” and it is absolutely true for all businesses. Nearly all companies which have adopted a customer-centric approach while running their business have hit the jackpot. Auto dealerships are widely adopting automation tools to personalize and automate communications. Data of potential customers for communication should be kept ready with your dealership. This includes contact details, purchase history, vehicle interests, personal and family details, etc.

The best way to drive customers towards your dealership is by providing personalized content. For instance, emails, SMS, blogs etc, can be personalized and used as a marketing strategy. This helps in moving them into your marketing funnel, which results in better conversion of leads.

02. Artificial Intelligence

A better customer experience can also be provided by adopting artificial intelligence (AI). This is more streamlined and everything needed is readily available on the cloud, which can be easily accessed from almost anywhere. In the automotive industry, self-driven technology is gaining popularity.

Virtual Reality (VR) is another technology that gives an engaging customer experience. Internet of Things (IOT) is also an emerging sector with cars having smart sensors, embedded connectivity applications, and much more.

03. Video Marketing is Key

Videos are the most effective way to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Nowadays, auto dealers are strategically creating video ads to capture customers’ attention. Dealer websites with videos have double the chances of driving more customers.

It is also proven that auto dealers with video marketing strategy have performed better and increased their brand recognition noticeably.

04. Mobile Marketing Matters

Mobile marketing is rapidly increasing due to intense use of smartphones. Google has responded to this trend and helped auto dealers display their inventory on mobile devices. Automotive ads can also be created which shows:

  • Exterior and interior of the car
  • Details of vehicle features and performance
  • Link to dealer website and more

05. Don’t Forget Social Media Marketing

Targeted advertising can be done better using social media platforms. This trend is also on a rise in the automotive industry and it is predicted to be quite impactful. Social media can be used for sales, building brand recognition, customer engagement and customer retention.

Through social media, potential customers are always discussing and deciding on their vehicle purchases. Auto dealers can leverage this opportunity to introduce their dealerships to them.

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