7 Important Local SEO Tips for Car Dealerships

28 August 2017


Car dealerships sell their cars to customers mostly within 30 miles of their showroom, and that’s why local SEO matters more than ever.

Here are a few local SEO tips that will help your car dealership immensely.

Tip 1: Your Automotive Website Matters

Make a great first impression by having an interesting and search-optimized auto dealer website that makes sense and connects culturally to your locale. The website should contain relevant local keywords in the meta title, meta descriptions, heading tags, and image tags. Also, be sure to include your address and phone number on all your webpages.

Tip 2: Provide Useful Local Content

Relevant and fresh local content boost your website ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Fresh content shouldn’t only mean updating your inventory or monthly offers. It should contain valuable and interesting content that includes car blogs, news, model launches and general local content like charity opportunities and local events.

Also, high-quality images and videos of the cars available in your dealership drive huge local traffic.

Tip 3: Maintain Your Google My Business listing

Take advantage of Google My Business with the right information about your business for improved online traffic. As suggested earlier, addresses and phone numbers mentioned on Google My Business and on other sites mentioning your car dealership should be the same as the ones listed on your website.

Organic traffic from Google My Business will also improve your local SEO and website ranking on search engines.

Tip 4: Provide Clarity Using Schema

In the past, present and future, Schema markup is and will continue to show good results in boosting SEO. Schema helps site crawlers to understand your web content better, thereby improving search ranking and leads to your car dealership.

Tip 5: Collect Local Links

For better search ranking, inbound links from other authoritative and reputable sites are necessary. To achieve this, you need to build and maintain good personal as well as online relationships with your customers. You may join up with reputable auto repair shops, provide business opportunities, and request for website links.

Tip 6: Request for Reviews

Get in touch with your present loyal customers and request them for their positive feedback about their purchasing experience at your dealership. If these are put up on your website, Google My Business page, Yelp, reviews sites, etc., then your search ranking will improve.

This, in turn, leads to better visibility, more leads, and higher sales.

Tip 7: Website Analytics is Important

You should always keep a track of your local SEO efforts through analytics. This helps your car dealership in identifying what strategies are working better for boosting your local SEO. Track your analytics once in three days and customize your marketing campaigns accordingly to be visible at the top of the search results.

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