6 Creative Marketing Tips for Auto Dealers

29 August 2017

The present and future of marketing is online marketing, and it’s on full throttle in the automotive industry. How will you, as an auto dealership owner, do it effectively? Creativity and innovation are certainly required, to draw prospective customers into your car showroom.

Here are a few tips that might be of help.

01. Fill the Gap through Social Media and Live Chat

Posting ads alone is painfully insufficient to market your dealership successfully. Being there to allay your customers’ apprehensions and to answer questions is a very necessary part of new-age dealership marketing.

Fill in those disconnects by responding through social media channels and live chats. This will help your prospects take decisions on their purchases and, in turn, boost your sales numbers.

During conversations, plan new ways to drive customers towards your auto dealership. Be open to suggestions and requests from your prospects, as well.

02. Create Engaging Videos

Car videos as so hot that just mentioning "video” in the email subject line can increase your open rates by as much as 20 percent! Videos have always been the most engaging marketing tool in the auto retail industry, influencing prospective buyers more than either TV or newspapers.

Make interesting dealer videos and put them up on your website and social media platforms. Create them out of test drives, car care and DIY tips, customer reviews, and more.

Never miss a video opportunity. If you do, you will be leaving cash on the table.

03. Add Interactive Events

Build more engagement through event marketing - loyalty programs, community events, and more. Learn about the challenges your prospective customers face and provide solutions.

Your prospects usually recognize and appreciate your efforts, and over time you will see more footfalls to your dealership.

04. Take Risks

As the adage goes, you can’t get bigger rewards without a little risk. Don’t stick to the same old marketing channels and messaging every single day. Be dynamic, take some risks, and step up to what’s new. For instance, marketing to millennials. But, take some time to research it, plan a strategy, and invest in it.

Taking risks doesn’t mean that auto dealers like you should take hasty decisions. Test the waters carefully before you jump in.

05. Customize Your Offers

It is essential to understand what offers work well for particular platforms, including social media, website, radio, TV, etc. Customize your offers to those platforms to improve your returns on investment (ROI).

To understand your ROI better, ramp up your sales tracking system and invest in campaigns that work better for your auto dealership.

06. Blogs Always Work!

Prospective car buyers always have a lot of questions before, during, and after their car purchase. Next to video, blogs are almost always the best choice to answer these questions.

Blogs with interesting content and fun facts are guaranteed to drive more traffic to your auto dealer website. If your blogs are well written with appropriate and search-optimized keywords, they are sure to bring your website ranking up as well.

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