5 Important Metrics to Analyze the Success of your Auto Dealer Website

30 August 2017


In today’s competitive world, data-driven analysis must be your foundation to decide if your auto dealer website is performing as it should. Just the design, color, and looks alone are not sufficient to measure a website’s success. You will have to make use of the data available to you, to get an accurate picture.

To begin with, Google Analytics is your best friend in this department. It is simple, powerful, and free.

Here are the five most important metrics to check.

01. Are you getting enough Website Traffic?

A gradual but steady increase in your website traffic is a great indicator of website success. As you know, you can increase your website traffic both by organic and paid marketing methods.

If you are not getting enough traffic to generate sufficient leads to keep your sales pipeline humming, then your website is definitely underperforming. The goal of your car dealer website optimization is to see this traffic increase over time.

02. Check Your SERP Ranking

Search engine result pages (SERP) ranking clearly determines where exactly your auto dealer website ranks on Google and other search engines. If your website appears on Google’s first page for popular searches related to your dealership, then it means that you are moving towards success.

The aim is to reach one of the top positions on Google search, preferably in the snippet form. This can be achieved by auditing and improving your search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

03. Are your visitors spending enough time on your website?

Is your website narrative engaging enough to capture the attention of your audience? "The more the engaging factors, the more the time spent onsite.” Design your homepage in such a way that visitors stay with it for some time. From the homepage, you should redirect them to other internal pages, which automatically increases the session duration.

Use Google Analytics to take a look at the session duration on your auto dealer website. If it is too short, then it’s time to seriously revamp your website content. Try not to disappoint your visitors, to avoid high bounce rates.

04. Are you getting enough returning visitors?

An increasing count of returning visitors points to an interesting and engaging website. Include educative content on your website that makes your audience revisit for more information. Update your website at regular intervals, so that your audience know when to expect fresh information.

Website revisits can also be measured using Google Analytics.

Revisits can be determined by checking the percentage of new sessions and subtracting it from the absolute volume of sessions received from direct traffic.

05. Social Media plays an important part, too

Well written, valuable, and educative content on your website should also be posted on your social media platforms. This, in turn, drives traffic to your website. This is all the more important because on social media, people tend to share interesting content that they read.

Metrics that help in determining social shares like BuzzSumo can enable you to compile data that lets you analyze the website success rate with social platforms.

For more interesting metrics to analyze the success of your auto dealer website, Click Here.


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