7 Car Dealer Website Mistakes That Affect Your SEO Strategy

04 January 2018


Negative SEO on your car dealer website affects your car sales and website ranking. To avoid this, stop making certain website mistakes.

Car Dealer Website Mistake 1: Compromising on Content Quality

The quality of your website content matters a lot, but but quantity also plays a role in SEO.

High-quality content will always attract readers, in turn, improving the traffic and ranking of your auto dealer website. If you continuously create worthless content, you might get some initial traffic but it will diminish soon. 

Car Dealer Website Mistake 2: Overlooking Content Subheadings

The subheadings in your content matter a lot. Apart from being one of the Google ranking factors, well crafted sub-heads also make it easy for your visitors to quickly locate information. Good sub-heads will inform viewers what to expect in the content, and can be easily understood both by your website viewers and search engine bots.

Add relevant subheadings to improve your search ranking.  

Car Dealer Website Mistake 3: Choice of Your keywords

Without proper keyword research, there is no point in designing your car dealer website content. Car sales is customer-centric, and dealers need to choose relevant keywords that match your prospects' search queries.

It’s important to remember that your SEO strategy can succeed only if you have the right keyword density as well, in your content.

Car Dealer Website Mistake 4: Irrelevant Internal Linking

Link building is one of the important SEO strategies that have to be incorporated into your content. But, you can experience backfires when it is not done correctly. Make sure to avoid irrelevant internal links that will hurt your search ranking.

Car Dealer Website Mistake 5: Website Speed

Do you get annoyed when the website you are visiting loads sloooowly?

Yes, you will.

It’s the same with your website visitors as well. Your bounce rate is directly proportional to website loading time. Website loading time also affects your domain authority and SEO.

For better ranking on Google, every millisecond counts. Optimize your auto dealer website to load faster.

Car Dealer Website Mistake 6: Ignoring Quality of Your Website Hosting

Cheap website hosting services are available but they will also bring down your domain authority. These free services will often put together your domain with other domains, which they host. This impacts your SEO, since the other domains will have an influence on your website. 

It is best to invest a few dollars more on a reliable auto dealer website solution.

Car Dealer Website Mistake 7: Forgetting Your Website Analytics

The only way to reliably measure SEO results is through your website analytics. It gives you clear information about the ups and downs of your auto dealer website.

Remember, when it comes to optimizing your auto dealer website, Google analytics is your best friend. Painstakingly analyze your GA numbers to improve SEO and web marketing strategies.

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