What is Conquest Marketing & How to Use it to Improve Your Car Sales

29 December 2017


What is Conquest Marketing?

Conquest Marketing is about convincing prospects who are looking at your rival dealers to buy from your dealership. It is one of the most taxing marketing challenges, and dealerships have to be on their toes 24/7 to make conquest marketing work for them. 

How to Plan Your Conquest Marketing Strategy?

Before rushing into conquest marketing, it is essential to lay the right groundwork. Here are certain things to follow:

  • Know your audience and their concerns
  • Plan to solve your customers’ concerns (Pre and post-purchase)
  • Research on your competitors and their marketing gaps
  • Create content to match your customers’ purchasing funnel

What are the Conquest Marketing plans that improve your car sales?

Your Conquest Marketing plan needs to be creative and engaging to conquer customers with rivals. Here are a few online Conquest Marketing ideas which can work for you. 

Conquest Marketing Idea 1: Content Marketing

To start with Conquest Marketing, content helps in creating rich and concise landing pages that will drive customers to your website.

Understand your rival’s content strategy and keyword framework, and shape your content to beat both.

Conquest Marketing Strategy 2: Email Marketing

Bury the myth that Email Marketing is dead and start using this powerful tool to take away potential customers from rivals.

Conquest Marketing Strategy 3: Social Media Marketing

With the rapidly increasing user penetration of social media, it’s the right platform for Conquest Marketing. Make use of both organic and paid social media marketing to spread the word about your car dealership.

Pixel marketing can work wonders in this department.

Conquest Marketing Strategy 4: Video Marketing

Video is presently the most-engaging and influential marketing tool in the automotive industry. More than 70 percent of the audience who have watched videos before purchasing a car has been influenced by it. 

What stops you from using dealership videos to drive customers your way? Plan for video reviews featuring happy customers, rubbing in some pain-point with your rival’s services.

Conquest Marketing Strategy 5: PPC Marketing

This can be an expensive but is effective as well, in the short term.

Focus on PPC marketing to best your rival’s offers and drive local traffic to your showroom. PPC campaigns needs to be monitored closely, when employed for conquest marketing. Your rivals might best your offer, or they may even click you out of budget.

Conquest Marketing Strategy 6: Retargeting

Don't give up on your leads. Most of the dealers overlook retargeting when they set-up paid marketing campaigns. Include retargeting in your Conquest Marketing strategy to attract more prospects. 

Prospects go online and research for months altogether before finally selecting a vehicle or dealer. That’s why retargeting is essential to drive more of them to your dealership. 

Conquest Marketing Strategy 7: Display Ads

Like PPC marketing, display ads too are useful to deliver your promotions to the right audience. Conquest Marketing content based on your audiences’ behavior can be quite effective when deployed contextually to drive traffic to your dealer website, leading to more conversions and increased car sales. 

For more information on Conquest Marketing and its role in improved car sales, Contact Us.


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