6 Useful Tips for Managing Your PPC Budget

08 January 2018

Pay-per-click (PPC) budgeting is important for designing PPC ads to increase your car dealership’s sales success rate.

Car sales is a highly competitive business segment, and your PPC budgeting depends on your PPC ad campaign goals.

Let’s look at some PPC budgeting best-practices which deliver great results.

PPC Budgeting Tip 1: Choose the Best-performing Campaign

All PPC ads are not equal. Your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) numbers help in determining the best PPC ads to invest on. If the CPA can be made lower by decreasing the cost per click (CPC) and increasing the conversion rate (CVR), then you can expect amazing results.

Invest more dollars in ads that bring higher Return on Investment (ROI).

PPC Budgeting Tip 2: Plan Your Budget throughout the Campaign

Spread the budget wisely throughout the campaign period to earn more leads.

At times, your budget may not be completely utilized. If you have under-spent the budget on the main campaign, then invest in remarketing, Facebook Ads, or display ads.

PPC Budgeting Tip 3: Look for Peak Seasons

There is this seasonality concept associated with searches for particular keywords. Research on the same for different search engines when planning your PPC budget.

Check both search volume trends and revenue trends.

PPC Budgeting Tip 4: Allocate PPC Budget per Product/Service

It is essential to set the budget based on the ROI of a particular product/service.

The main budget may be set for top-selling cars, highest return-earning makes/models, or for cars that need more exposure and advertising.

PPC Budgeting Tip 5: Budget for Every Sales Funnel

For better conversion rates, budget for every sales funnel as well.

Bidding for particular keyword searches focus on selling particular makes/models whereas, display campaigns also generate more brand recall.

PPC Budgeting Tip 6: Budgeting Plan Should Achieve Your Car Dealership’s Goals

Not every campaign will earn you the expected ROI but most of your PPC ads should achieve your car dealership’s goal, that is, increased sales. As discussed earlier, display ads will build brand recall and help in improving conversion rates, but may not deliver high ROI.

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