8 Top Reasons Why Facebook Ads Failed Your Car Dealership

17 January 2018

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective advertising options available in paid digital marketing. If you aren’t receiving traffic to your car dealership even after setting up Facebook ads, then you are likely to be making a few mistakes.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why your Facebook Ads are not working as expected.

Reason 1: You Have Only Used Static Creative

Social media platforms are now more than just static images. Videos are more popular and engaging. Videos also compel your audience to stop and look for the story.

Videos may be slightly more expensive but it’s worth the investment especially for car dealerships.

Reason 2: You Haven’t Targeted Well

Facebook ads provide amazing targeting options. You have to make good use of it to attract potential customers. Most of the times, the targeting would be too wide or too narrow or irrelevant.

Compare with the previous data and fine-tune your ad targeting for the next campaign.

Reason 3: You Have Overlooked Lookalike Audiences

Targeting Custom Audiences is a good thing but it alone may be insufficient. Target Lookalike Audiences as well, to expand your reach.

Targeting lookalike audiences help you to reach high-interest potential customers.

Reason 4: You Haven’t Refreshed Your Ad Copy

The best Facebook ad practice is to refresh your ad copy once every two weeks, else it may lead to ad fatigue and your audience may overlook your ads.

Remember, ad fatigue invariable leads to decreased conversions and increased cost.

Reason 5: You Didn’t Focus on the Headline/Description

Be it a website, blog, or ad copy, the headline and body copy play a vital role in capturing your target audience.

In Facebook ads, you have only limited copy space to play with. Be creative and compelling, for better results.

Reason 6: You Have Missed your CTA

The headline/description is all sounding great but you have missed the Call to Action (CTA). Even if you have a character limit, make sure to all a compelling CTA that invokes your Facebook audience to click on the ad.

Let them know how they can gain by clicking your ad.

Reason 7: You Forgot A/B Testing

Split testing or A/B testing is a must for any ad copy to perform better and bring higher Returns on Investment (ROI). This will help you decide which ad is performing better and worth the investment.

You can carry out A/B testing with CTA, image, target, etc.

Reason 8: You Have Neglected Personal Interaction

If someone has shown interest in your ad, then it will be great if you follow up with a personal interaction.

Facebook being a social platform, engaging on a personal level will improve your leads and conversions.

For more insights into the best reasons for the failure of your Facebook ads, Contact Us.

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