9 Powerful Automotive Content Marketing Secrets That Drive Car Sales

27 December 2017


Millions of content marketing pieces are published every single day, and effective content marketing requires your content to stand out in the crowd. 

Given that there is no single solution available for achieving it, how do you orchestrate your content marketing success? Here are some simple yet powerful content marketing secrets that drive car sales. 

Content Marketing Secret 1: Take Help from Your Competitors

Finding the right audience in the highly competitive car dealer business is challenging. But, your competitors can help you, since they have already done some of the research for themselves. 

Follow your competitors online and observe their social media, ad platforms, etc. for tips on finding the right audience.  

Content Marketing Secret 2: Gain Your Clients’ Trust

For your audiences to build a relationship with your car dealership, they should trust you in the first place. 

To gain their trust, take help from well-known local personalities to build your dealership brand. Offer your help and tie up with them to sponsor local events.

Content Marketing Secret 3: Customer-focused Content Works

Emotions play a major role in the car dealer business. Always aim to create a win-win situation for both your prospects and yourself. Take a keen interest in the concerns of your prospects, and resolve them proactively.

This will help in gaining their trust, create positive conversations in the local community,  and finally, improve your sales. 

Content Marketing Secret 4: It’s Storytelling Time

Evocative storytelling helps to build positive emotional connections with your prospects. 

Draw their attention with an eye-catchy title, tell them why they should read the story, narrate the story supported with data, and carefully conclude with a call-to-action (CTA).  Make sure to follow this pattern in your story.

Content Marketing Secret 5: Build Curiosity

As mentioned earlier, just an eye-catchy headline will not do the trick. Relevant and supportive content should be provided to capture your audience. 

Make sure not to disclose all the points as a curiosity factor is essential to make them click on your CTA button.

Content Marketing Secret 6: Be Simple, Don’t Clutter

Even if when you publish long content, make it simple and don’t make your audience think a lot. 

Introduce a desire factor in your content, remove any clutter, offer clear navigation, and highlight your CTA button.

Content Marketing Secret 7: Engaging Factors are Important

Content isn't only textual content. Think images, gifs, videos, infographics, and more. 

Research tells us that engaging factors are important to retain your visitors until the end of your website sales funnel. That's why its important to use images and video to break the monotony and keep the content flowing till the end.

Content Marketing Secret 8: Try Something Unique

Study the industry, your competitors, and your audience well, and always provide something unique. 

You could put forth strong opinion on trending issues in the automotive industry and back it up with relevant data and facts. This will highlight your dealership differently from most others, increasing your audiences’ trust.

Content Marketing Secret 9: Maintain Good Relationships with Fellow Marketers

Fellow marketers around your niche are important, since they are capable of sending traffic to your dealership. Before asking a favor from them, invest time and attention to build good win-win relationships. 

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