Using Twitter to Boost Your Car Dealer Marketing

09 July 2019


Here are 4 tips that really work with Twitter marketing.

1. Keep it Short

Even if Twitter has a large user base, the amount of attention it demands is small as the tweets are quite short. You need to make your campaigns as attractive as possible to promote your car dealership well.

Marketing vehicles in your inventory requires a visual dimension. Customers are excited only when they actually see these cars. When a prospect visits your Twitter profile to see what you’ve got, they expect to see nothing less than the best quality car images of your inventory.

2. Capitalize on the Visual Aspect

The images you post on your Twitter profile must be interesting enough to immediately grab the attention of visitors. Only when you have such high resolution, crystal clear images will the viewers lend you their time and interest.

You will also need to update your car dealer website as well, with new and exciting images of vehicle models on a periodic basis, as soon as they are released into the market. That way, your auto dealership’s Twitter profile will always have access to high quality images of the latest trim levels.

Vehicle dealers also have the option of creating ads and sending it  only to those target customers who are most likely to walk onto your showroom floor and buy or lease out a new car.

3. Show Off What You’ve Got

You Twitter profile must be treated as your online business card. It has to make a great first impression, and one sure-fire method of doing just that is by using the best quality images you can get your hands on.

4. Give Your Twitter Handle a Workout

Why let your Twitter profile be used just for marketing reasons? It can also double up as a platform for 24x7 customer service. You can even use it to showcase simple DIY troubleshooting tips.

Customers feel a sense of reassurance when they know that your dealership has a trusted customer care service that can be reached easily with a simple tweet.

In conclusion, the main goal of all car dealer Twitter profiles is to interact with viewers and try to generate an interest in them. This is done so that they may enter the purchasing cycle with your dealership.

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