Instagram Marketing for Your Car Dealer Website

26 June 2019

Marketing anything, including cars, used to be quite uncomplicated earlier. Dealers would decide on a promotion, build a campaign around it, and push it out to as many people as possible in the hope that some of them would convert to actual customers. 

For over a decade now, marketing has turned away from this mass produced approach to a very personalized angle, wherein dealers are creating ads designed specifically to target only a particular segment of people.

Even if marketing on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter is now mainstream, dealers are increasingly looking at unconventional channels to promote their cars and services. Take for instance the image sharing social platform, Instagram which has 60 million photographs posted on average, every single day.


The Instagram Advantage

Instagram is used primarily by millennials, who are a huge growth market for car dealers. 

A car dealer website’s biggest assets are, without a doubt, the cars available in its inventory. Marketing, especially for cars, has always been a very visual thing. People aren’t interested in reading through pages and pages of boring copy about these cars. Instead, they actually prefer to see them. 

These images need to be clear and sharp, and they should cover every detail about the car. The high end images that power the inventory marketing on dealer websites powered by izmo is a case in point. 

Images and banners shared on Instagram which link back to the auto dealer website can help dealers crack the millennial market.

Switch to the Instagram Business Profile

Before your dealership starts on Instagram marketing, make it a point to switch to a business profile, if you haven’t done so, so far. Doing it is quite easy. All you have to do is go to your Instagram settings and click on "Switch to a business profile”, to get started.

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