How to Protect Your Car Dealer Website From Google Link Penalty

15 July 2019

Penalties can affect the reputation of your car dealer website. Google penalties not only cost you search ranking, but also results in lost visitors and leads.

Here are some tips to Protect your website from Google Link Penality.


What is Google Link Penalty?

Google link penalty is a penalty enforced by Google on your car dealer website for engaging in link building practices that are not approved by webmaster guidelines. Algorithm updates like Google Penguin or manual reviews can result in more sophisticated evaluation, which means penalties for black hat practices.

Sometimes, this can be unintentional as well. In such cases, there are ways to detect and avoid penalties.

Types of Link Penalties & How to deal with it

01. Private Blog Network (PBN) Links

The private blog network used to be one of the best ways to build links for better Google ranking. Not anymore.

Google recognizes such links and penalizes your car dealer website. It is advisable to take it slow or totally avoid it.

02. Discussion Forum Links

There are thousands of discussion forums and not all are good for back-linking. Find the ones that are good for your website and work out your backlinks strategy.

03. Press Release Links

More than a decade ago, press release links were popular and they used to fetch better Google rankings. Now their influence on Google ranking is negligible, since it can be easily manipulated.

However, press-releases can still get you good ranking if they drive more traffic to your car dealer website.

04. Foreign Guestbook Links

Backlinks from foreign guestbooks are also treated as potentially manipulative since they can be automatically programmed.

These are likely to drop your organic search ranking. It is best to disavow them.

05. Blog Comments

Blog commenting works only when it is done right. If you want to improve your car dealer website ranking this way, then you need to leave relevant comments on the relevant blogs.

06. Automatic Link Building Links

There are various tools that can fetch you a lot of links but lately, they are not showing good results.

Avoid this kind of link building, since they may lead to Google penalizing your website.

07. Directory Submissions Links

If you build backlinks using low-quality directories then it will definitely harm your search ranking. The solution is to build links on relevant local auto directories that can improve your local SEO.

For more information on Google Link Penalties and ways to avoid them for better car dealer website ranking, Contact Us.


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