Online Marketing Essentials for Your Car Dealer Website

02 July 2019

Having invested so much of your time, effort and money in establishing your vehicle dealership and getting it up and running, we feel obligated to point out that it is very important that you pay close attention to your marketing essentials, especially the online ones.

Since more people than ever are using their mobiles extensively to go online, your auto dealer website must have responsive design included. It goes without saying that the website should have a clean and professional layout. 

In this article, we will list out a few things related to Online Marketing which require close attention


1. Refine Your Online Presence

When someone goes online to research a certain car or manufacturer, it shows their purchasing interest. You need to be more visible to them than any of your rivals, which means that your dealer website should show up higher in search results. Pay per click advertising (PPC) and Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you out here. 

You can use both PPC and SEO to optimize your marketing campaigns so that they’re seen by the right people - which means the ones who are most likely to convert -  and get you better sales.

2. Get Your Pictures Right

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure that the imagery you use in your auto dealer website is of top notch quality. 

3. Ensure Your CTAs are Perfect

Make sure every website page has a strong Call to Action (CTA). This could be a link to an inventory or vehicle description page, or a lead form.

The idea here is to effectively guide your interested customers steadily through the sales funnel. 

They should be presented with valuable and relevant information at the appropriate time, when they’re expecting it to be delivered to them, which maximizes the chances of them becoming a paying customer of your auto dealership.

4. Use your CRM

Today, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool is an essential part of every auto dealership. The CRM keep your staff updated about your leads as they move through the different buying stages, and they also automate several follow-up tasks to make life easier for your sales staff. 

Additionally, they provide you with a way to manage your contacts in an organized, professional manner.

Nowadays, CRM systems usually are cloud based, so accessing them from any device shouldn’t be a problem. A CRM funnels the leads you get from all sources, including your showroom floor, service bays, phone, email, online, and so on, and they enable you to personalize customer follow-ups based upon their preferences and the vehicles they seemed to be interested in.

5. Say Hello to the Future

It’s definitely a good idea to incorporate new and emerging concepts that can add huge amounts of value to your website. A good example would be an online chat feature. 

When a lead comes on to your car dealership’s site, it means that they have a strong intent to buy. Using online chat, your dealership can interact with them and answer any questions they may have about your inventory.

One fact today is clearer than it has been ever before.  A significant number of leads will first visit your auto dealer website before they ever actually interact in any other manner with your vehicle dealership.  The website becomes the face of your business, as this is where people get their first impression. 

Your website should be easy, functional, and attractive.

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