Marketing Your Car Dealership to Millennials on Instagram

10 July 2019

As the owner of a car dealer website, ask yourself a simple question - what is the largest upcoming customer base for auto dealerships? The answer is quite straightforward -  Millennials.

In simple terms, Millennials are a group of people who were born during the last couple of decades of the 20th century. This group is now in the age bracket where they are either in university or have a stable job. As a result, they have a good level of financial independence.

These millennials are increasingly moving away from conventional and established social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and onto newer platforms. One such social media outlet where millennials are flocking to in large groups is Instagram, and a keen auto dealership will immediately spot a potentially massive sales and marketing opportunity.


Ramp Up Your Interaction

Keep uploading Instagram stories with immersive vehicle images. Create a deeper level of interest in your vehicle dealer business by giving information about all the latest offers, promotions and deals that are currently available to your prospective customers.

It’s also a great idea to request customers who have bought cars from your auto dealership to upload Instagram stories of their experiences,after having tagged you, of course!

Free Tools for Business Owners

Instagram just goes on to show the power of visual marketing, and that’s exactly what you need when marketing your car dealership. Use high quality imagery like the pictures you find on izmostock.  You can back these up with the free tools that Instagram offers its business profile owners, such as a call to action(CTA) button that enables your profile visitors to call or email your car dealership.

This can in fact even be a 24/7 customer care number if you have one, since it can provide your patrons with a sense of reassurance.

Make it Fun

The vast majority of Instagram’s user base comprises of people who are on the younger side. So, you need to tailor your marketing efforts to be fun, zesty and youthful. Today’s generation usually don’t have the inclination to read through anything they find boring, which means that you only have a tiny attention span to begin with.

It also is worthwhile to follow back people who follow you on Instagram.

Liking and commenting on the posts of established and influential Instagram personalities can be hugely beneficial for you. If the followers of these personalities find your opinions and content engaging and appealing, they will begin to follow you as well.

It’s Definitely on the Rise

Research has shown that well over 35% of millennials use this image sharing social media site.

Instagram allows users to share stories or experiences in the form of images and short videos. These can be tagged with hashtags that allows other Instagram users to follow and view them, and Instagram now has nearly 900 million active monthly users – more than even Twitter.

Posts shared on Instagram can trend as they can reach out to a surprisingly high number of people, thereby bringing you a rich field of prospective customers.

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