Top Pinterest Auto Marketing Tips for Car Dealers

12 July 2019

Pinterest is one of those rather unconventional social networks which is more of a self proclaimed "catalog of ideas”. However, this image sharing social platform is yet to be given its fair share as an effective channel for marketing auto dealerships, products, and related services.

Pinterest has announced that their reach among people who are likely to purchase a new car within the next 6 months has crossed 30%, and that number is steadily on the rise.

Over the last 5 years, demand for content that is related to the automotive industry has more than doubled, and Pinterest currently has in excess of 250 million pins.


Pinterest Marketing: Publish on Popular Group Boards

An easy way to get in touch with a wider segment of target users on Pinterest is by publishing the content of your auto dealership on popular Pinterest group boards. This will lead to more re-pins and increased levels of engagement.

Even if finding popular group boards is a time consuming process, identifying them is definitely well worth the effort. If your vehicle dealership is lucky enough to be spotted by influencers, they can be hugely helpful in pushing your auto dealership to a wider group of relevant Pinterest users, which can be very beneficial in driving prospective leads and sales.

Make it More Convenient for Your Followers

Enabling Pinterest followers of your vehicle dealership to bookmark content on your profile is a great idea. They can then return to it later and read it when they are free. Setting up this functionality is quite clear cut and uncomplicated, and can be done by using the pin-for-later function

Zero Cost Promotions

We all love things we can get for free, and there are marketing practices on Pinterest that can be done without spending money.

If your auto dealership is just starting off on Pinterest, publishing high quality images  on Pinterest, along with content that captures user interest is often sufficient to increase leads.

Rich Pins for Rich Returns

Pinterest has a free embedded feature called "rich pins” that enables users to pin more than just a basic image. In addition to vehicle images, rich pins can include information about your dealer location and even a vehicle description in the pin itself.

According to a study, the re-pin to pin ratio of rich pins were nearly double that of standard pins, proving that this simple Pinterest marketing trick is quite powerful in its own right.

Utilize Your Newsletter to the Most

When your dealership sends out its periodic newsletter, adding in a few of your most trending pins as well is a good tactic. When the recipients of your newsletter click on the URL, they will be taken to your Pinterest profile where they can view not just that specific pin, but all of your other pins and pin-boards as well.

For more ideas on Pinterest Marketing for your auto dealership, Contact Us.

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