Optimizing Your Auto Dealership’s Facebook Profile for Better Sales

17 September 2019

Your auto dealership Facebook page assists you in engaging with your local community, offering customer assistance, running promotions, and marketing your vehicles and services. 

To make the best of it, it is essential to optimize your Facebook page.

1. Focus on Location Pages

With the new Facebook upgrade, there is no need to request for location pages anymore. If you have car dealerships in various locations, then your main Facebook Page itself becomes the parent page and the child pages will automatically be made your location pages.

2. Choose the Most Appropriate Advertising Tool

Facebook offers its business users different tools for creating and managing paid ads and ad campaigns, such as the Facebook Ads Manager and the Facebook Power Editor. While the Ads Manager tool is a highly effective tool at the getting the job done and sufficient for the vast majority of auto dealerships looking to create Facebook ads, the Power Editor is more ideally suited to larger companies and marketers. 

The Facebook Power Editor enables advertisers to exercise more precise control over a large number of campaigns at the same time.

3. Use a Customized Username

A simple and short username for your Facebook Page is required for easy visibility. 

For better optimization, it is advisable to include your car dealership name plus your location as the username.

4. CTA, About Us and Operating Hours

Ensure that a clear, well placed call to action (CTA) button is prominently displayed on the Facebook profile of your car dealer website. The CTA may be any sort of prompt – to buy, sign up, subscribe and so on. Strengthen the profile by providing in-depth information about your car dealership. This projects your dealership as professional, trustworthy, and authoritative.

Also, simply updating obvious details such as the business hours followed at your auto dealership are often overlooked, and can cause problems in the near future. If you add new location pages, then make sure to include the respective working hours.

5. Add Relevant Profile & Cover Photos

Images attract people. Make the best use of the profile and cover image sections to upload interesting photographs that capture the mood, and keep changing them as often as necessary. 

You can also use videos or slideshows for the cover photo. 

6. Pin Your Important Posts Towards the Top of the Profile

If you have posted an important post and you want it to stay at the top of your posts, then you can have it pinned up there thanks to Facebook’s feature that enables it. 

This can be used for promoting the latest and most popular deals or offers that are currently running at your auto dealership.

7. Publish Your Posts at the Right Time

As we have mentioned in an earlier article, the timing and frequency of your posts help in better optimizing the Facebook page of your car dealer website. 1 PM to 4 PM is generally considered to be a good time, but feel free to play around with it. 

Running simple A/B tests will assist in fine tuning the timing. Don’t ever miss out on posting interesting things on Thursdays and Fridays, as studies have clearly shown how active Facebook users tend to be during these two days.

8. Manage Your Customer Reviews & Comments

Responding to your customers’ reviews and comments promptly generates great social conversations. These not only improve customer relationships significantly, but also go a long way in marketing your dealership by word of mouth. 

Keep in mind that customer opinions are a far more powerful and effective way of marketing. Make use of this opportunity to interact with your potential customers and improve your car dealership sales.

For more information on getting your auto dealership’s Facebook profile in shape Contact Us.

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